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Trust Your Brain & Spine Surgery to Southcoast Health in Fall River, Dartmouth & Wareham, MA

At Southcoast Health Brain & Spine our neurosurgeons specialize in the medical and surgical care of people with brain and nervous system diseases or disorders. We perform surgery on the back, neck, brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves to treat tumors, congenital abnormalities, and peripheral and central nervous system disorders.

Come to Southcoast Health Brain & Spine to undergo neurosurgery in southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island with the help of a compassionate, professional community that prioritizes your care.

Learn more about our neurosurgery program or view our patient education videos for many of the procedures we perform.

Types of Spine & Brain Conditions

Our neurosurgeons treat a variety of nervous system conditions, including:

  • Back pain due to sprains, strains, spinal stenosis, osteoarthritis and herniated disc
  • Brain, head and spinal cord injuries, such as concussion, brain hemorrhage (bleeding), sports injuries, and neck and skull fracture
  • Spinal deformities, including scoliosis (side to side curve) and kyphosis (forward curve)
  • Epilepsy and movement disorders like tremor, dystonia, Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis
  • Hydrocephalus, which is a buildup of fluid in the brain that is present at birth or due to brain trauma
  • Tumors, cysts and cancer of the spinal cord and brain
  • Vascular conditions, such as stroke, brain aneurysm, vascular abnormalities and TIA (transient ischemic attack or “mini-stroke”)

Brain & Spine Treatment Options at Southcoast Brain & Spine Center

At Southcoast Health Brain & Spine our neurosurgeons in MA and RI provide brain and spine treatment using various procedures, treatment and surgeries, such as:

  • Back and neck surgery — 7D Surgical, spinal fusion, vertebroplasty, lumbar fusion, laminectomy, laminoplasty, discectomy and laminotomy
  • Surgical navigation — surgeons use a surgical navigation system as a tool for minimally invasive surgery
  • Stereotactic radiosurgery — used to treat certain brain tumors
  • Lumbar puncture — a spinal tap that tests for infections and can help diagnose other conditions, such as hydrocephalus, spinal cord tumor and multiple sclerosis
  • Nervous system biopsy — tests for cancer and other diseases
  • Spinal Cord stimulation — for chronic regional pain.
  • Intrathecal pump — a catheter inserted into the brain or spinal cord to deliver medication such as chemotherapy, pain medication or muscle relaxants.
  • Treatments for epilepsy — lobectomy, deep brain stimulation and vagus nerve stimulation

Find a neurosurgeon at Southcoast Health Brain & Spine today for more information on treating your nervous system disorder or condition through surgery.

As part of our neurological services, Southcoast Health provides brain and spine surgery in Fall River, Dartmouth, New Bedford and Wareham, MA and surrounding areas of Rhode Island.