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Urgent Care

Our mission at Southcoast Health Ambassadors is to render services to the hospital, its patients and its tax-exempt subsidiaries, and to assist Southcoast Health in promoting the health and welfare of the communities it serves.

As a Southcoast Health Ambassador, you will serve as an ambassador to the community on behalf of your community hospitals. You will also participate in rewarding social and philanthropic events throughout the community.

Southcoast Ambassadors Community Projects

Throughout the year the Ambassadors engage in a multitude of projects to support Southcoast Health patients and the community such as:

Ambassadors Birthday Program

Ambassadors bring joy to our inpatient the are hospitalized on their birthday by providing a small birthday celebration.


We have partnered with the Care team to
provide essentials to inpatients at all three sites to make their stay more rested and well informed. The care pack contains ear plugs, face mask, note pad, pen, lip balm, information on quietness and healing.

Holiday Cards

Many of the Holidays are supported by the
ambassadors with a holiday card to inpatients. Card will be put on their food trays.

Holiday Poinsettia

Every inpatient receives a poinsettia plant to
brighten up their holiday.

New Beginning Baby Baskets

Ambassadors are collecting items around the Southcoast region to provide baby baskets to support newborns, born with opiate exposure with the hopes of improving long term outcomes.

Pathway to Excellence Program

Ambassadors strongly feel that with a happy
staff patient care goals are met. The Ambassadors have provided the cart and will be suppling goods for the staff pilot program at Charlton and will eventually be supporting all three sites.


Southcoast Health Ambassadors support
local students pursuing a career in health
care. Our 2023 goal is to cover the region
with 25, $1,500 scholarships.

VNA White Rose Program

The Ambassadors provide white roses to
families of patients who have lost a loved one.

How are the Ambassadors Able to Give Back?

The Southcoast Ambassadors receive support from the hospital gift shops, donors, philanthropic events and the upcoming Southcoast Health Ambassadors Boutique which is scheduled to open Spring 2023.

The support received allows the Ambassadors to give back to the community in many ways, most of which are listed above.

Southcoast Health Ambassadors Board of Directors

President: Marcia Liggin

Vice President: Elena Coffey

Secretary: Pamala Mirick

Treasurer: Filomena Kuchar

Assistant Secretary: Janice Sharp

Assistant Treasurer: Sandra Slavin

Southcoast Health hospital volunteers can serve the communities of Fall River, New Bedford and Wareham, MA by joining a philanthropic auxiliary or guild.

Contact the Southcoast Health Ambassadors

If you would like more information about the Southcoast Health Ambassadors, contact Jennifer Szabo (508) 973-5752 or or Kimberley Coon (508) 973-5006 or today.