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Relieve Spinal Pressure with Laminectomy in Southeastern Massachusetts & Rhode Island

Spine pain can keep you from the sports or hobbies you love or even your everyday activities. The neurosurgeons at Southcoast Health offer laminectomy in southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island for patients who deal with chronic back pain.

Laminectomy, also called spinal decompression or decompressive laminectomy, is a minimally invasive back surgery. During this procedure, space in your spinal canal is opened up by removing a very small portion of your bone, the lamina. The lamina is the back part of your vertebrae and forms the back wall of your spine. Creating this space provides access to a disc for repair and relieves pressure on the spinal cord or nerves.

Do I Need Laminectomy?

When you talk to a doctor at Southcoast, they may recommend laminectomy if you’ve tried other treatments like physical therapy or medication and haven’t seen results. Laminectomy may be the right option for you if you experience chronic back or leg pain, weakness or numbness due to:

Minimally Invasive Back Surgery at Southcoast Health

Laminectomy usually requires just a small incision. Surgery often takes less than one hour, and patients go home the same day. We will work with you throughout your recovery, which usually involves physical therapy. Patients often see full recovery in four to six weeks.

After decompressive laminectomy in MA or RI at Southcoast, talk to our neurosurgeons about ways to keep your back in tip-top shape, such as doing back strengthening exercises at home.

If you would like to learn more about laminectomy or our other neurosurgical services, contact a Southcoast Brain & Spine location near you.

Southcoast Health provides neurosurgery, including laminectomy, in Fall River, Dartmouth, New Bedford, Wareham, MA and parts of RI at St. Luke’s Hospital, Tobey Hospital and Charlton Memorial Hospital.