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Urgent Care

Nursing Services at Southcoast

Compassionate nursing is at the heart of the care we provide at Southcoast Health. It means paying close attention to a patient’s physical and emotional needs at every step, ensuring both their safety and comfort. That’s why we believe it’s so important to give our nurses the resources and support they need to be the best they can be every day. From the high-quality equipment our nurses use to the way they collaborate with colleagues, every part of our nursing services is designed to create a culture of excellence.


Our nurses collaborate not only with other nurses, but also with physicians, pharmacists, therapists, dieticians and the patients themselves. At Southcoast Health, we use a nursing model called “Patient and Family Centered Care,” in which each patient and their family members are involved in designing a multidisciplinary care plan around their needs.

We also participate in an Attending Nurse model, in which nurses act as dedicated care coordinators and patient advocates. Attending nurses partner with their patients, other medical staff and even social services to ensure a smooth transition of care both during and after hospitalization. They help educate their patients and patients’ family members about their conditions and care plan, and ensure that each patient’s wishes are communicated and adhered to at every step.

Furthermore, our staffing model is not set according to national averages, but according to the top 100 performing hospitals. This ensures that our staffing levels are set appropriately for high standards of care, allowing our nurses to give each patient the time and attention they need.

State-of-the-Art Practices

Our policies and procedures are based on evidence-based practices, which are updated frequently to keep us on the leading edge of health care advancements. Our staff can rely on access to the latest technology and equipment, including EPIC electronic medical records platform for easy transition of care.

Nursing Internship & Career Advancement Programs

Southcoast Health offers a nursing internship program for graduate nurses, helping to provide a strong foundation of clinical experience and mentorship as they transition into their nursing practices. This program has proven highly successful over the years to help graduate nurses not only survive but thrive. In addition, we partner with nursing programs at our local University and colleges to provide a clinical background for nursing research.

At Southcoast Health, we believe that properly supporting our nurses includes investing in their continued education and training. That’s why we have a dedicated professional development team that ensures our nurses have the latest skills, knowledge and talents at every stage of their careers. Southcoast Health will also contribute financially toward formal continued education.

But our advancement opportunities don’t end there. At Southcoast Health, there are two career paths for nurses to follow: clinical nursing or leadership. To assist nurses who are interested in transitioning from a bedside role to a leadership role, we created the Team Leader positions. Being a Team Leader is the first step toward gaining the skills and experiences necessary for an exciting new leadership career.

Join Us

Are you looking for a place to grow your nursing career? Does this sound like the sort of work environment you’d enjoy? If so, we encourage you to explore nursing job opportunities at Southcoast Health. We look forward to seeing you flourish in our family of dedicated professionals.