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Service Excellence & Patient Experience

The Service Excellence & Patient Experience Department at Southcoast Health works as a liaison between the patients, hospitals and physician’s practices to address compliments, concerns, and feedback. We are here to assist patients and families to ensure that their experience with Southcoast Health is consistent and superior. We at Southcoast Health value and welcome your feedback. Feedback is an essential component to continuously improving quality of care, patient safety and overall service to you and our future patients.

More Excellence

Our goal at Southcoast Health is to provide clinical excellence and a uniquely caring experience to every life we touch every time they seek medical care.

We strive to advance a patient-centric culture that aligns Patient Experience and the priorities of our health system to ensure delivery of high quality care and solutions to health problems that are meaningful to our patients.

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Patients are active participants in health care, comparing quality, service and cost. We understand that you are looking for the highest quality of care, superior customer service, compassion, courtesy and respect. We want you to receive exceptional care and service from Southcoast Health. To learn more about your experience, we partner with NRC Health to conduct patient surveys for all our service areas. Based on your feedback, we work closely with leaders across the system to identify opportunities and work together on process improvement. 

Contact the Patient Experience Team

101 Page Street
New Bedford, MA 02740
Southcoast Health Feedback Line: 1-877-264-7244 (toll free)
Patient Feedback Form

Thank you for choosing Southcoast Health and helping us deliver the care you deserve!