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The 7D Surgical Machine-vision Image Guided Surgery technology (MvIGS) for spinal procedures guides the surgeon with a highly detailed three-dimensional image taken in just four seconds. This replaces a radiographic image taken intermittently during traditional robotic surgery (fluoroscopy). The image created by the system is matched up digitally with the patient’s existing pre-operative scan to create a seamless, real time image of the patient’s anatomy.

See the difference with 7D Surgical Machine Vision

  • Our spinal surgeons can see the anatomy in 3D as opposed to the 2D intraoperative images taken with standard fluoroscopy.
  • 7D Surgical technology for spinal implants greatly reduces a patient’s exposure to radiation that is commonly associated with traditional robotic approaches.
  • The 7D Surgical system uses sophisticated camera technology, similar to self-driving cars, to create a three-dimensional photographic image in three to four seconds resulting in shorter more efficient procedures.
7D Surgical Machine-vision Image Guided Surgery technology.
7D Surgical Machine-vision Image Guided Surgery technology.

Southcoast Health’s Brain and Spine Surgery program at St. Luke’s Hospital is a Blue Cross Blue Shield Blue Distinction Center ® 2019.

Southcoast Health serves patients in the local community with back surgery in Fall River, Dartmouth, New Bedford, Wareham, MA and surrounding areas of RI.