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If you’re having severe back problems, your physician may recommend surgery. At Southcoast Health, we offer surgical procedures to help with your back pain. One of the procedures our surgeons offer to our patients is image guided surgery (IGS) with the innovative 7D Surgical System that is radiation free.

What is the 7D Surgical System?

The 7D Surgical Machine-vision Image Guided Surgery technology (MvIGS) for spinal procedures guides the surgeon with a highly detailed three-dimensional image taken in just four seconds. This replaces a radiographic image taken intermittently during traditional robotic surgery (fluoroscopy). The image created by the system is matched up digitally with the patient’s existing pre-operative scan to create a seamless, real time image of the patient’s anatomy.

Southcoast’s Dr. Philips performs 200th 7D procedure

Dr. Matthew Philips, a neurosurgeon and native of New Bedford, has performed Southcoast Health’s 200th 7D procedure, making the not-for-profit community health system just the second institution nationwide to reach this milestone in spinal surgery, less than a month after the Cleveland Clinic.

Benefits of Image Guided Surgery

  • Our spinal surgeons can see the anatomy in 3D as opposed to the 2D intraoperative images taken with standard fluoroscopy.
  • 7D Surgical technology for spinal implants greatly reduces a patient’s exposure to radiation that is commonly associated with traditional robotic approaches.
  • The 7D Surgical system uses sophisticated camera technology, similar to self-driving cars, to create a three-dimensional photographic image in three to four seconds resulting in shorter more efficient procedures.
7D Surgical Machine-vision Image Guided Surgery technology.
7D Surgical Machine-vision Image Guided Surgery technology.

Southcoast Health’s Brain and Spine Surgery program at St. Luke’s Hospital is a Blue Cross Blue Shield Blue Distinction Center ® 2019. 

7D Surgical Technology in Massachusetts

Southcoast Health serves patients in the local community with back surgery in Fall River, Dartmouth, New Bedford, Wareham, MA and surrounding areas of RI. Contact us today to learn more about the 7D Surgical System or find one of our Brain & Spine Centers near you to schedule an appointment.