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What is the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council was formed during the summer of 2019 by Southcoast Health employees. The council meets monthly and has developed 4 areas of focus to work on and improve.


Southcoast Health is committed to embracing and fostering a diverse and welcoming environment for all.

We strive for a culture of health that recognizes, respects, and celebrates the rich diversity of one another and the communities we serve.

Areas of Focus

Education & Mission

Creating the mission and planning for diversity education

Diversity Internet Presence

Creating a dynamic online presence to celebrate year-round activities and promote awareness

Diversity Recognition Work Group

Creating awareness through celebration of national diversity months

3Ps (Pronouns, Preferred Names and Policies)

Focusing on Support of the LGBTQ community, employees and patients

Hispanic American Heritage Month September 15 – October 15

Sponsored by the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Council and the Diversity Recognition Work Group

Southcoast Health recognizes and celebrates all of our Hispanic American community and employees!

Hispanic American Heritage Month recognizes all those who trace their roots to 21 countries in Central America, South America as well as Spain, Mexico, and the Spanish-speaking nations of the Caribbean. During the month, the contributions that Hispanic Americans have made to the history, culture and achievements of the United States are celebrated.

The observance began in 1968 when Congress authorized the president to issue an annual proclamation designating National Hispanic Heritage Week. Just two decades later, lawmakers expanded it to a monthlong celebration. 

The Southcoast Health celebration features beautiful posters sharing the flags of the 21 countries, lots of internal and external promotion, including social media and online. Most importantly, the month will include a celebration of our Southcoast Health Hispanic colleagues as they share their personal stories and professional contributions to Southcoast Health and the communities that we serve.

Follow Southcoast Health on social media throughout the month for featured employee profiles and their unique perspectives about the Hispanic American experience.

Library of Congress Celebrates Hispanic American Heritage Month

The Library of Congress Web portal for Hispanic American Heritage Month provides a wealth of information. The online site features:

  • Well over 100 online exhibitions and collections on social media, arts and architecture, exploration, culture and ethnography, government and politics, law and economics, music and performing arts, resource guides and much, much more.
  • More than 75 videos on history, genealogy, culture and folklife, music and performing arts, poetry and literature, politics and government, and sports.
  • Photos of highly accomplished Hispanic Americans such Associate Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

The Web portal is a collaborative project of the Library of Congress and the National Endowment for the Humanities, National Gallery of Art, National Park Service, Smithsonian Institution, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and U.S. National Archives and Records Administration to pay tribute to the generations of Hispanic Americans who have positively influenced and enriched our nation and society.

Other Resources on Hispanic American Heritage Month

  • National Endowment for the Humanities – View information on the roots of Hispanic culture, history and cultural legacies, literature, Latino documentaries, and more. The site also provides links to many other resources and websites.
  • National Park Service – View information on how Hispanic and Latino Americans have shaped the National Park Service since its beginning in 1916.

The Southcoast Health Black Lives Matter Coalition

The Black Lives Matter Coalition is an opportunity for Black employees and allies to join a conversation about positive change at Southcoast Health. Learn more.

Celebrating Our Colleagues

Past Diversity Recognitions

Recognizing Pride Month

Celebrating African American History Month