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Current Events and Recognition

Southcoast Celebrates Hispanic American Heritage Month
September 15 – October 15

Hispanic American Heritage Month recognizes all those who trace their roots to countries in Central America, South America, Spain, Mexico, and the Spanish-speaking nations of the Caribbean. During this time, we celebrate the many contributions that Hispanic Americans have made to the history, culture and achievements of the United States.

You are welcome here.

Southcoast Health actively supports and embraces a welcoming and inclusive environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity.

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council Focus Areas

“Accessibility is being able to get in the building. Diversity is getting invited to the table. Inclusion is having a voice at the table. Belonging is having your voice heard at the table.” – author unknown

The Southcoast Health Black Lives Matter Coalition

The Black Lives Matter Coalition is an opportunity for Black employees and allies to join a conversation about positive change at Southcoast Health. Learn more.

Education & Mission

Creating the mission and planning for diversity education

Diversity Internet Presence

Creating a dynamic online presence to celebrate year-round activities and promote awareness

Diversity Recognition

Creating awareness through celebration of national diversity months

3Ps (Pronouns, Preferred Names and Policies)

Focusing on Support of the LGBTQ community, employees and patients

Celebrating Our Colleagues

Southcoast Health actively supports and embraces a welcoming and inclusive environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity. Please click on the photos below and visit Faces of Southcoast for their stories.

Past Recognition Events

Southcoast Health Celebrates Pride Month

June 1st kicks off Pride Month, which was celebrated at Southcoast with many special events and feature stories. Please join us as we honor the accomplishments, dignity, and equality of our LGBTQIA+ employees, patients, and community members.

Southcoast Health Celebrates Day of Portugal

Southcoast Health is proud to celebrate the Day of Portugal, as well as the great work and valuable contributions of our Portuguese colleagues! We will be celebrating with traditional Portuguese cuisines and recognitions throughout the week of June 6th through June 10th

Southcoast Health Recognizes Juneteenth

Juneteenth celebrates the emancipation of those who had been enslaved in the United States. At Southcoast Health, we are proud to celebrate and recognize Juneteenth, as well as promote community events that recognize the day.

Southcoast Health Celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. Day

On Monday, January 17th, we as a nation commemorate the life of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. As announced last year, Southcoast Health will honor the life of Reverend Dr. King, and his achievements and values by observing Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) Day as an official Southcoast Health holiday.

Southcoast Health Celebrates Black History Month

The Diversity Recognition Work Group, in collaboration with the Black Lives Matter Coalition, both a part of the Southcoast Health Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) Council, invite you to join in the celebration.

Southcoast Health Celebrates Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month

May is Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month – a celebration of the cultures, traditions and histories of Asians and Pacific Islanders in the United States.

At Southcoast Health, we stand with our Asian American and Pacific Islander colleagues
and condemn in the strongest terms any actions and written or spoken words that are
racist, derogatory or prejudicial.

Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Many mental health illnesses are misunderstood and surrounded by stigma. Southcoast Health, in partnership with the DE&I council are focused on ending the negative perceptions that people have toward mental health and mental health illness. The fact is, mental health illnesses are treatable medical conditions just like diabetes or heart disease.

Celebrating Transgender Day of Visibility – March 31, 2022

Southcoast has taken steps over the past year to serve the transgender community better, and we strive to expand our efforts. Through our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council, we have collaborated with Fenway Health to provide eLearning modules for providers and employees that create knowledge and awareness of the transgender community of patients as well as other members of the LGBTQ community. We are continually improving our efforts to ensure all individuals feel safe and welcome while seeking care. To learn more, click here.

Celebrating Women’s History Month

Women’s History Month is a time to commemorate and celebrate the vital role of women in history.

At Southcoast Health, we recognize the contributions of women in all facets of health and medicine, including the many women leaders and staff right here in our organization. Hear from some of our female forces:

World AIDS Day – 2021

On World AIDS Day 2021, Southcoast Health is proud to reaffirm its ongoing commitment to protect and educate our community on HIV and AIDS – as well as care for the people currently living with HIV and AIDS.

2021 World AIDS Day Conference