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Neuropsychology in MA & RI

Neuropsychology is an important subspecialty of psychology that focuses on the relationship between brain injury or disease and behavior. A neuropsychologist helps people with conditions related to the central nervous system that affect the ability to think, reason, remember, and learn.

Meet Dr. John Dorn, Neurophysiologist

Neurological Disorders

Conditions related to the nervous system that neuropsychologists treat include:

Acquired or traumatic brain injuries – strokes, closed head injuries and concussions, brain damage due to surgery, exposure to drugs or toxins, and hydrocephalus (“water on the brain”)

Autism – including all disorders associated with the autism spectrum

Cancerbrain tumors

Developmental disordersincluding learning disorders, ADD/ADHD and language problems

Genetic conditions Down syndrome, neurofibromatosis (tumors that grow on nerves) and metabolic disorders

General nervous system conditions including infections, diabetes, heart disease, and liver disease

Memory problems Alzheimer’s disease, frontotemporal dementia (FTD), vascular dementia, and amnesia

Psychiatric disorders depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia

Seizure disorders epilepsy and nonepileptic seizures

Neuropsychological Screening Tests & Treatments

At Southcoast Health, our expert neuropsychologists will administer tests to assess your cognitive deficits. This will allow them to evaluate what neuropsychological conditions you may have. These tests focus on:

Cognitive functioning – intelligence, executive functions, attention, concentration, memory, language, reasoning, problem-solving, verbal and visual learning, distance and depth perception processing, and sensory-motor processing

Physical factors – physical symptoms and conditions

Psychological factors – personality, motivation, moods, quality of life, and emotional state

After analyzing your evaluative tests, we will create an individualized treatment plan for any conditions you may have, which could include:

  • Behavioral management and counseling – which includes psychotherapy and other rehabilitative techniques in order to eliminate behaviors, habits, and to help manage your psychological conditions
  • Cognitive rehabilitation – this includes attention process exercises, psychoeducation, neurofeedback (the use of reinforcement to alter brain waves) and other strategies to improve existing thinking and memory functions
  • Cognitive strategies – such as memorization techniques, notebooks, organizers, guided imagery, relaxation techniques, and other strategies that help improve your cognitive functions

Find Treatment from a Neuropsychologist at Southcoast Health

If you believe you may have a neuropsychological disease, do not hesitate to reach out to Southcoast Health. Our team of clinical psychologists and neuropsychologists in Massachusetts and Rhode Island use their training in psychology, neuroanatomy, and cognitive neuroscience to treat patients with care. We can successfully treat a variety of medical, psychiatric, psychological, developmental, and neurological conditions that can affect cognition. Contact us for more information about our services & tests at one of our locations and schedule a consultation today.