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Urgent Care

Our Transfer Center at Southcoast Health

The Southcoast Health Transfer Center offers a seamless process for transferring patients to one of our hospitals in southeastern Massachusetts. Along with that, our Bed Placement Department strives to provide quality health care in accordance with the philosophy and mission of Southcoast Health through high standards of care.

The bed placement coordinator at Southcoast facilitates the placement and movement of all patients, abiding by clinical standards, guidelines and policies across the hospital system. This position works in conjunction with physicians and hospital staff to prioritize admissions to the most appropriate bed based on medical needs and admission criteria and to maximize patient safety and staffing efficiency. The bed placement coordinator serves as a liaison to physicians, admitting staff and care coordination teams to promote optimal patient care. They facilitate patient admission, discharge, intra-hospital and interfacility transfer processes through clinical triage.

Find out more information about admitting or transferring a patient to Southcoast Health by using the information below. We also accept direct admits for patients.

Toll Free Phone: 1(855) 659-9090
Phone: (508) 973-5540 and (508) 973-5510
Pager: (508) 973-5531
Hours of Operation: 24 hours/day, seven days/week

Southcoast Health accepts admits and transfers for patients throughout southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island.