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A new, minimally invasive approach to lung biopsy

Southcoast Health is pleased to announce the recent acquisition of the Ion endoluminal system. Ion is designed to address a challenging aspect of lung biopsy by enabling our surgeons to obtain tissue samples from deep within the lung.

Ion allows for More precision, More reach and More stability – when it matters most.

Patients also benefit from diagnosis and treatment in the same day rather than having biopsies first and scheduling surgery for a later date.

How It Works

During bronchoscopy with Ion, the physician uses the controller to navigate to the target along a planned path. The catheter can articulate 180° in any direction to pass through small, difficult-to navigate airways and around tight bends to reach all 18 segments of the lung.

Reduced risk

This new technology can result in reduced or avoided complications of more invasive approaches to biopsy, such as collapsed lung or pneumothorax, improve patient outcomes and provide an enhanced patient pathway for therapy.

Ion is made by Intuitive, the company that makes the da Vinci surgical system, and is built on more
than two decades of leadership in robotic-assisted technology.

Southcoast Health Invests in the Ion Endoluminal System, Providing Leading Edge Surgical Options to Diagnose and Treat Lung Disease

Southcoast Health announced today the arrival of the Ion endoluminal system,
at Charlton Memorial Hospital in Fall River. This Intuitive robotic-assisted system resolves a
challenging aspect of lung biopsies providing surgeons the ability to obtain tissue samples deep within
the lung.

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Meet our Ion Thoracic Surgeon

Desiree Steimer, MD
Thoracic Surgery