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Trusted Breast Surgery in Fall River, Dartmouth, and Wareham

Breast cancer surgery is a critical component of breast cancer treatment that involves removing cancer with an operation. Breast cancer surgery may be used alone or alongside other therapies, such as chemotherapy, hormone therapy, targeted therapy, and radiation therapy. For people with a very high risk of breast cancer, breast cancer surgery may be an option to reduce the risk of future breast cancer.

Breast cancer surgery includes different procedures, such as:

Surgical Biopsy

A surgical biopsy involves removing an entire lump, and usually a rim of tissue around the lump, through surgery. The tissue then receives further testing.

Breast-Conserving Surgery

Several surgical treatments are now available for breast cancer that conserves breast tissue while effectively treating cancer. For most women with early-stage breast cancer, breast conservation surgery is as effective as mastectomy, with studies showing survival rates to be the same.

SAVI SCOUT® radar localization technology

SAVI SCOUT® makes lumpectomies — breast-conserving surgeries where only part of the breast is removed — easier for both patients and their surgeons by accurately pinpointing tumors before surgery. Traditionally, wire localization was the preferred preoperative technique for localizing breast tumors. SAVI SCOUT® allows you to forego a wire localization. 

Instead of wires, SAVI SCOUT® uses a reflector that’s about the size of a grain of rice. To make the day of surgery less complicated, you can have the reflector placed on a separate day in advance of your scheduled surgery date. The reflector isn’t externally visible, and placement does not restrict your movements. The reflector is passive until activated when safe, nonradioactive radar waves are used to detect it within your breast.

Placement of the reflector is achieved using mammography or ultrasound after locating the tumor. This is considered an outpatient procedure, done prior to the surgical date.

Oncoplastic Surgery

Oncoplastic surgery is a technique used to remove breast cancer (Lumpectomy or partial Mastectomy) and reconstruct the breast to improve the cosmetic effect. This assures patients they can have their cancer removed while preserving their natural breasts’ physical appearance during surgery, without leaving the breast distorted or asymmetric.

Simple or Total Mastectomy

A mastectomy involves removing the entire breast but does not remove underarm lymph nodes or muscle tissue from beneath the breast.

Modified Radical Mastectomy

This includes the removal of the entire breast and some of the underarm lymph nodes. Modified radical mastectomy is the most common type of surgery for breast cancer women who have the entire breast removed.

Nipple-Sparing Mastectomy

This is a mastectomy type that involves removing all of the breast tissue without removing any of the skin, nipple, or areola (the dark skin around the nipple).

Cryoablation Procedure for Fibroadenoma

This is a new procedure involving very cold liquid nitrogen to destroy benign tumors (or fibroadenomas) in the breast.

Nationally Accredited Program

The Southcoast Breast Center has received the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers, which means that you can trust your breast surgery to our experienced surgeons at Southcoast Health.

Patients in Southcoast MA and RI rely on Southcoast Health for advanced breast cancer surgery through Charlton Memorial HospitalSt. Luke’s HospitalTobey Hospital, and Southcoast Surgery Center.