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Have a Successful Surgery with the da Vinci Xi Surgical Robot in MA & RI

At Southcoast Health, we continue to stay at the forefront in robotic assisted surgical technology. With the da Vinci Xi surgical robot, a spectrum of surgical procedures can be performed with greater accuracy and control than open surgery.

The da Vinci allows for surgeons to operate through smaller incisions using instruments with greater flexibility than a human hand. This means more precision, less scarring, reduced pain and faster recoveries for our patients.

Our surgeons get you back to your life sooner after a spectrum of surgical procedures that have been optimized for multi-quadrant surgeries in the areas of:

Real Patients. Real Results.

After minor neck pain and a referral from his Southcoast primary care physician, John underwent a minimally invasive da Vinci robotic-assisted surgery that allowed him to recover faster.

da Vinci Surgical Robot Benefits Include:

  • Minimally invasive procedures
  • Less scarring and fast recovery times
  • Greater precision and accuracy
  • Reduced risk of infection

The da Vinci surgical robot is a computer-assisted tool that surgeons use to perform minimally invasive surgery. The robot allows surgeons to operate through a few centimeter-long incisions. It also provides magnified 3D images and uses miniature instruments with far greater flexibility than a human hand, allowing your surgeon to operate with more precision and control.

Southcoast Health provides surgery with the da Vinci surgical robot at Charlton Memorial Hospital in Fall River, MA.