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Medical Fitness Program in Fall River, Wareham & New Bedford, MA

A medical fitness rehabilitation program is an important part of recovering and managing a cardiovascular condition. Incorporating physical activity into your daily health care regimen can improve your quality of life and decrease your pain.

At Southcoast, we offer a medical fitness center in Fall River, New Bedford and Wareham, MA that will help you achieve optimal cardiac and pulmonary health. Whether you are suffering from cardiac or pulmonary disease, we can help you regain your independence and feel confident about your future.

Is a Medical Fitness Program Right for Me?

We recommend asking your primary care physician about our medical fitness program if you are suffering from any of the following medical conditions, especially chronic diseases, such as:

Medical Fitness Offers a Variety of Health and Fitness Services to Keep Your Heart Healthy

Through our medical fitness program, we offer the following services to help you achieve and maintain your healthiest self:

  • Individual consultation with an RN, exercise physiologist or dietitian
  • Aerobic exercise equipment
  • Strength training
  • Educational sessions
  • Blood sugar and blood pressure monitoring
  • Weight-loss tips
  • Low-impact aerobic exercise classes
  • Cholesterol screenings
  • Yoga

Cost of Our Medical Fitness Program in MA

We offer two cost options for individuals looking to join our medical exercise program in Fall River, New Bedford or Wareham:

  1. Three visits per week –– $60/month
  2. Two visits per week –– $40/month

Your monthly program cost will depend upon your fitness goals, which are determined during your clinical evaluation. For patients who have participated in any Southcoast rehabilitation or diabetes program, we also offer individuals the opportunity to try out our program for two weeks, free of charge. Sign up for our two-week trial membership today by calling 508-973-5435. Contact your insurance company to ask if your plan reimburses all or part of this program.