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Southcoast Health: Treating Your Irregular Heartbeat with Cardiac Ablation

Cardiac ablation, also called catheter ablation, is a procedure to treat irregular heartbeats, or arrhythmias. Irregular heartbeats are caused by faulty electrical signals, which can prevent the heart from pumping enough blood to the body. In some cases, this can cause serious problems like blood clots.

Catheter ablation is performed by an electrophysiologist, which is a cardiologist who has had further training and specializes in treating electrical problems of the heart.

At Southcoast Health, our electrophysiologists provide complex cardiac ablation in Fall River, MA to restore your normal heart rhythm. It is performed by Southcoast electrophysiologists, along with a team of specially trained nurses who work in the electrophysiology laboratory. Our experts also offer the convergent procedure (convergent hybrid ablation) and cryoablation to treat atrial fibrillation (AFib).

Cardiac electrophysiologists perform cardiac ablation for multiple arrhythmias, including:

  • Atrial fibrillation
  • Atrial flutter
  • Supraventricular tachycardia
  • Premature ventricular contractions
  • Atrial tachycardia
  • Ventricular tachycardias

Ablation could be recommended if:

  • You are at a high risk of complication from your arrhythmia
  • Your type of arrhythmia responds well to ablation
  • Medicines haven’t worked
  • You had serious side effects from medicines for arrhythmia

What to Expect from Your Cardiac Ablation Procedure

Cardiac ablation is performed at our electrophysiology laboratory. It involves inserting catheters into a vein, usually in the groin, and feeding the catheter up to your heart. After determining the reason for your arrhythmia with the help of catheters as part of the electrophysiology study (EP study), energy from an ablation catheter, which comes from cold or heat, will destroy the abnormal tissue causing the arrhythmia.

This heart procedure can take a few hours, but you may be sent home the same day or need to stay overnight, depending on the type of ablation procedure. Most people return to work and normal activities in a matter of days. Talk to your doctor about when to return to exercise and strenuous activities.

The cardiac arrhythmia team at Southcoast is here to help you keep your heart healthy for years to come. Reach out to one of our nearby electrophysiologists to learn more about cardiac ablation and your heart health.

Southcoast Health provides cardiac ablation in Fall River, MA as part of our heart care services.