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Try Cardiac Rehabilitation for Better Heart Health

Cardiac rehabilitation is a medically supervised program that helps people with heart problems develop healthier lifestyles through exercise and education.

Southcoast Health boasts one of the largest cardiac rehabilitation programs in New England, serving thousands of patients each year.

A team of cardiologists or cardiac surgeons, primary care physicians, nurses, physical therapists, exercise specialists and dietitians collaborate to provide multidisciplinary heart care and cardiac rehab in Fall River and New Bedford, MA.

Do I Need Cardiac Rehab?

Your doctor may recommend our structured exercise and education outpatient program to help you:

Talk to your primary care physician or a cardiologist to see if cardiac rehab is right for you or find a cardiac rehab location near you.

Our Cardiac Rehab Program at Southcoast Health

At Southcoast, our cardiac rehabilitation program provides the following services:

  • Medical evaluation to assess your needs and limitations, set goals and create a personalized program.
  • Exercise program to increase your aerobic fitness, strength and stamina. This may involve group or individual exercise sessions. A healthcare provider oversees your exercise program to monitor your heart rate and blood pressure. As the program progresses, you learn how to monitor yourself.
  • Education about heart-healthy living, including diet, exercise, medications and stress management. Smoking cessation programs are available for people who need to quit.
  • Counseling to help you cope with depression, anger or stress about your health and to help you return to an active, normal life.

We also offer special programs for patients with chronic diseases, such as diabetes and respiratory problems.

Our cardiac rehabilitation program offers individualized exercise programs within a group setting, directed by health professionals. Classes are held for 90 minutes at various times throughout the day to best fit the schedules of our patients.

While most insurance policies cover this program, feel free to talk to a financial counselor at Southcoast to help plan for the costs of your care.

Southcoast Health can help improve your heart health with cardiac rehabilitation in Fall River, New Bedford and Wareham, MA.