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Find Expert Care to Manage Your Diabetes in Fall River, MA

If you’re diabetic, it can be a challenge to manage your condition without support. The Southcoast Diabetes Management Program offers patients of all ages and with all types of diabetes, including Type 2 diabetes, access to advanced clinical treatment and compassionate care from a dedicated team. Our skilled dietitians, nutritionists and endocrinologists offer warm, personal service to assess your health and create treatment plans that suit your needs. Our Fall River diabetes management program can help you effectively control your glucose and blood sugar levels with insulin for an optimal state of health. Visit our offices in the Southcoast Health at Truesdale building, located on President Avenue.

The Southcoast Diabetes Management Program offers the following services for adults and children who are diabetic in Fall River:

  • Medical evaluation
  • Support groups and counseling
  • Individual sessions
  • Group workshops
  • Training and support

To learn more about our diabetes management services or to request an appointment with an endocrinologist in Fall River, please contact us at 877-212-9135.

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