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Amy Anderson, DO

4.8 out of 5 (379 Ratings)



About Amy Anderson

Dr. Anderson is board-certified in internal medicine and earned her medical degree in osteopathic medicine from Nova Southeastern College of Osteopathic Medicine in Davie, Fl., where she also earned a masters of public health.

Dr. Anderson completed her fellowship in endocrinology at University of Virginia Health System in Charlottesville, Va.

Dr. Anderson completed an internship and residency in internal medicine in the Women’s Health Track at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Va.

Dr. Anderson was awarded the Arthur Klein, MD Award for Humanism in Medicine at Virginia Commonwealth University, and the Clinical Fellows Travel Grant and Abstract Award (Pfizer) from the Endocrine Society.

Her research project, “Etiologic Factors of Obesity Associated Hyperandrogenemia During Puberty” was awarded the Endocrine Fellows Foundation – Endocrine Research Grant.

Dr. Anderson is a member of the Endocrine Society and the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists.


Amy practices at the following locations:

Southcoast Physicians Group Endocrinology

1030 President Avenue Suite 107
Fall River, MA 02720

P: 508-973-1750

Get Directions 41.714125 -71.13964899999996

Insurances Accepted

Southcoast accepts most major insurance plans. Call the Southcoast patient registration department at 844-297-2952 or your health plan with any questions regarding coverage.

Provider Ratings

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Patient Comments (77)

At Southcoast Health, we strive to deliver exceptional patient care along with an exceptional patient experience. We appreciate all of your feedback and share your comments to recognize the wonderful care our teams provide to you as well as identify areas for improvement.

  • No Improvement needed. Office staff was very courteous and professional, was greeted right away and wait time was minimal. Doctor was prompt and always attentive to my needs.

  • Dr Anderson is fantastic. She listens, she is thorough, and genuinely cares about my well-being.

  • I don't have any complaints about the appointment. It was a first visit so time was spent mostly talking about my medicall history, discussing my current condition, what I've been experiencing at each dosage change and there plan for treatment in the future.My only complaint is that originally my first appointment was for January and the office called to cancel and reschedule for April 14... I think that was an excessive waiting period, especially when you're experiencing symptoms that won't resolve and need to consult a specialist.Other than that Dr Anderson was great... I'm hopeful that she'll be able to help me with my condition.

  • Personable, caring, interested in what I had to say. I never felt rushed.

  • Everyone was great, but the receptionists could at least acknowledge you when you come up to the window. I realize they are busy, but eye contact, a smile, and a raised finger would make me feel seen.

  • Employ more of this specialty as I waited months for this appointment.

  • Dr. Amy Anderson expressed a deep concern for my diabetes resultCs. I was provided with an arm diabetic monitor that I will use for fourteen days. Complete instructions were provided. My visit was great.

  • Everything was fantastic

  • In person wouldve been better but calling is ok, zoom/video didnt work but dr was good asked tons of qs.

  • Nurse or physician assistant [Name] was extremely attentive. She suggested and carried out an intelligent and effective plan to avoid costly miscommunication with my pharmacy. Dr. Amy Anderson makes me feel like I'm the only patient she is seeing. Her knowledge of the latest devices for managing diabetes is second to none. She works with me to achieve my health goals, and is always friendly and patient.

  • Very knowdledgable Endocrinologist who listened well and took my health concerns seriously. She was Excellent!!!! I felt happy and relieved after talking to Dr Amy.

  • Dr.Anderson is a great listener. She takes good care of my health needs.

  • Well to begin with the person that the door was practically impossible to understand. She did not take temperature. She did not ask if I needed directions to go to wherever I was going. So that was all disappointing and the doctor couldn't have been any better. She was wonderful. So, that's all I wanted to say. Thank you. Bye.

  • Staff considerate and knowledgeable. Couldn't ask for better.

  • Dr. Anderson is a very caring doctor. She shows empathy for her patients during a difficult diagnosis and shares in her patients' joy with any positive results/news. Southcoast Health is "more than medicine" because of doctors like her.

  • I had an amazing experience with the staff and Dr. Amy Anderson she goes above and beyond with my diabetes management I feel very comfortable with her and that's important to my needs

  • Dr. Anderson's Office staff and the physician herself is very professional and kind.

  • Doctor Anderson was interested in my medical histery,I am a new patient.We discussed the different options available and discussed the best in my case. I am following her path to begin with blood work so a foundation can be developed.Doctor Anderson was professional and easy to understand.

  • Dr Anderson is wonderful. She's very thoughtful, knowledgeable and caring. I'm very glad to have found her.

  • Quick professional experience. The same as going "in".

  • Dr. Anderson is amazing. She cares and has been the only dr. Who has been able to regulate my thyroid. I value her more than you can know.Thank you.[Name] [Name]

  • I had my first visit with Dr. Anderson yesterday and I was, felt very welcome. And she was, seemed to be very, very confident in what she told me. And I was very comfortable with her.

  • Smooth dealings from start to finish

  • Dr. Anderson and her assistant were excellent...professional, kind and caring.

  • Everything was fantastic. I love Dr. Anderson, except for one thing. Please don't ever leave me sitting in a waiting room for an hour and 10 minutes again, and you did she did change my appointments to morning so that should make it much better, cause it's never happened in the morning. Other than that. I'm totally satisfied. Thank you.

  • Dr. Anderson is awesome! But it can be hard to get an appt with her as she is very busy! But I don't want any other endocrinologist! She is very personable and intelligent!

  • This visit went better than I believed it would.My time is valuable, I would appreciate not having to wait 10 minutes or more after the appointed time

  • Dr Anderson is a rock star. Competent and Caring!

  • I am pleased with the office and staff

  • Everything everything was good.

  • Dr. Anderson was very pleasant and easy to talk to. It is very nice to have a physician that listens to you and takes care of your needs. The office staff was very pleasant as well!!!!

  • Dr Anderson is very caring kind and always pleasant and supportive.

  • just great

  • I felt comfortable and hopeful; she really seemed to care and listened, as well as, took my thoughts into consideration.

  • I find Dr Anderson and her staff to be the best office in my health care. They are very polite and efficient. I would recommend them.

  • I like the fact that Dr. Amy was very receptive to listening to me. Then asking questions making plans for further, you know testing and also inquiring about the covid test, so she really made me feel comfortable with the visit. I hope I was helpful. Thank you.

  • Dr. Anderson took her time with me and most importantly listened to my concerns. Very warm and personable. Highly recommend.

  • The receptionist was very helpful and patient and collaborated and answered my questions. The same to Dr. Anderson. She was very polite and patient with me. I had a lot of questions and she answer the questions.

  • Yes, I just wanted to say this was my first visit with this doctor. That's it.

  • The medical assistant who called me first to go over my information was super nice and professional.When I was finally online with Dr. Anderson she was understanding about my health concerns. She was easy to speak with and she was very kind. I felt very good about my appointment with her and the concerns she had regarding my health. I would 100% recommend this office to family and friends!

  • Dr. Anderson, and her staff, are always very thorough and very professional. I feel like I can talk to her about any concern and she listens and always has thoughtful comments and suggestions. I think she is great.A minor issue is the ability to get my prolia injection on time. I was told it was because they were short a nurse. They were rotating a single nurse amongst multiple offices. I had to wait a few weeks for an appointment for an injection. Threw off my 6 month injection schedule by a month.

  • I wasn't pleased with the Telegraph because my provider could not get results from my dexcom meter

  • Dr. Amy Anderson was very informative...she took her time with me...explained everything and discussed goals. I love her! Her staff is awesome too! :)

  • Hey, Dr. Anderson, and her staff are wonderful right from the beginning to the end. Dr. Anderson is very caring and monitors my health really closely. So I just want to say that because nowadays (INAUDIBLE) that under the circumstances

  • Dr. Anderson is genuinely interested in my health history and my current reports. She explains things well and asks for my input. She responds quickly to messages in the patient portal. She's a true professional!

  • Amy Anderson has been able to finally diagnose what has been going on with my health and my body. I do not have MS. I do not have Parkinson's. I have thyroid disease. I also have borderline thyroid storm also called thyroid crisis and she has been able to control this through meds, frequent blood tests and I feel fine and I owe this all to Amy Anderson. She is an unbelievably brilliant endocrinologist and she is, she's the best in the business. I go to Truesdale Clinic. I'm sorry that's old Truesdale Health for all my health needs including dental and I will continue to do so just thank you to Amy Anderson for everything you've done for me and continue to do.

  • Dr Anderson and her staff treat you like you are their only patient. They take time to listen to all your concerns and come up with a solution.

  • Dr. Anderson is outstanding !

  • Dr Anderson is a wonderful person and very knowledgeable.

  • Dr. Amy Anderson is fantastic. She treated me extremely well and was very courteous. I look forward to seeing her in 4 months.

  • Dr Anderson was awesome. She took her time with me, explained everything to me and showed me the charts. She really cared and that is what mattered most. [Name] [Name]

  • Yes, Dr. Amy Anderson is an excellent doctor. She gave me good information and I'm really pleased with her. I do wish when people call with surveys you would tell us how long it would take to do the survey, if you're in the middle of something and it just I think it would be good to say how many minutes it would take. Thank you.

  • Dr. Anderson is an exceptional doctor and always provides the best care

  • Thank you

  • Dr Anderson is always pleasant and kind. She explains things clearly and always asks for your input. The only thing I would have changed about my appointment today was the phone connection. It kept breaking up.

  • absolutely happy with dr. anderson

  • The office staff was great in communicating my appt and telehealth details with me. Dr. Anderson is amazing! I'm so thankful to have found her. She is very knowledgeable and really cares about helping her patients. She took the time to talk to me, discuss my medical history, and goals going forward. She was not rushed at all and made sure all my questions and concerns were addressed. Hands down, the best endocrinologist I have ever had.

  • Dr Anderson talks with you, not at you. She has a wonderful demeanor that is very calming.

  • during this covd health issue doing telehealth makes me feel more safe.when things are safe office visits will work.thank you for working with me in this manner at this time .

  • Dr. Anderson was caring compassionate and took a great deal of time with me during this visit. Great experience!

  • Dr. Anderson is thorough, caring, and considers my whole health picture, not just the piece of it that is her specialty. She makes accommodations for me when needed. She asks for my opinions and wishes and responds to them without dictating her own solutions. All of this makes me like and trust her.

  • Experience was great.

  • Dr Anderson was very informative and helpful

  • Hi, my doctor is Amy Anderson and I'm [Name] [Name] and she's been one of my favorite doctors of all time seems to be very knowledgeable keeps up to date with my situation or at least reads ahead of time before we speak on the phone. We have a very good rapport. She treats me very well and I'm sort of a contemporary or a colleague in the medical field, but she's much more advanced then I am but still she knows I'm fairly knowledgeable about everything that we talked about. So I really appreciate. When she speaks to me on kind of an even level. So anyway, so always look forward to seeing her. I have no trepidation of a visiting and always*

  • Dr. Amy AndersonThe Best Endocrinologist I have ever been to in 20+ yearsHighly recommend

  • Dr Anderson is very knowledgeable in her field. She ordered the neccessary bloodwork to see where I'm at currently. She asked plenty of questions to discuss my health.

  • Compassionate

  • September 9, 2020Dr. Andersen is extremely informed and caring regarding my medical needs; she is acutely tuned in to issues related to my specific medical condition and concerns. Dr. Andersen is an extraordinary health care professional. I am fortunate that Dr Andersen is my physician.

  • Dr Anderson is very attentive

  • I love my endocrinologist. She listens and is very helpful in getting me to reach goals to better my health.


  • I am very happy with the great care I receive from South Coast !

  • Alls Good

  • I was hesitant about the Telehealthexperience, but it was surprisingly very positive at least for me. I hope this won’t need to continue, but I understand under these circumstances it’s helpful.

  • Dr Anderson is the best doctor I have met so far. She is always very helpful knowledgeable and on top of my condition. Last monday I had and appointment with my neurosurgeon Dr [Name] from Women's and Brigham's hospital. He told me that I'm very lucky to have a doctor like doctor Anderson. He was very impressed about my treatment with Dr Anderson. I personally cannot thank her enough. She always makes me very comfortable and trusting. Thank you very much Dr Anderson!

  • Dr. Anderson took the time to spend with me and hear everything that I needed to say regarding my health. She did not rush me. She did not try to shorten the visit. She spent as much time as I needed.

  • I am very pleased with this provider and office

  • Dr. Anderson is very clear on her diagnosis, and is very concerned with my fears and anxiety about my problem. I would definitely recommend her, and I don't know why I do it, but I dread going in, but after every time that I am walking out, I am so glad that I did meet her. That's all I have to say.

  • I think that the telehealth visits should be utilized as much as possible when the appointment is an uncomplicated checkup and the patient is doing well with the current treatment. This reduces the risk of exposure to pathogens and is much more convenient.

  • I had a wonderful experience during this time of hard times with the COVID I am very happy with my experience

  • This was my 1st face to face visit to this (Any) provider after waiting 8 months for this apt, unfortunately during covid-19 When I walk the building, I saw a sign that said "Screening" with an arrow pointing to the left. I was not there for any screening, I was there for an appointment. A women raised her voice call for, I realized, me,"Mam,Mam you need to enter to the left. I informed her I was here for an appointment not a screening, you have to be screen first" she a loud rude tone. I said, to her "well i am sorry, I don't know that your sign should indicate that" she asked her questions, then she rudely placed a green dot on my rt upper chest. I found her to be rude, and abrupt, with no commission,and placing that dot on me without me being informed, is disrespectful. You need to inform your patients of the procedure rather than expectating me, the patient of your procedures without communication.

  • I made the mistake and thought my appointment was at 9 am on July 24. When I got to the facility I was asked to come back at 2 o’clock. I did not check my email and when I returned to the facility I was then told my appointment was a telehealth appointment. The doctor waited for me to return home to reach out.The communication should have been better at Truesdale clinic. Thankfully, the telehealth appointment went well with Dr Anderson and she was a pleasure to meet for the first time.

  • Well, this is the first visual, virtual appointment I've had because of corona, of course, and everything went fine. The only problem with it is the video tape freezes, so she's frozen, but talking but doesn't know she's frozen. So technology, I would say was not that good, but due to the corona virus. It should be getting up and getting dressed and going to the office there. So that's my story. Bye. She was very good. She was very efficient, but kept freezing up 4 or 5 times within a 10 minute phone call, I think bye. Bye.

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Southcoast Health physician profiles now feature star ratings.  Below, you’ll find frequently asked questions about our process for calculating the ratings.

Why does Southcoast publish survey ratings online?
Southcoast is dedicated to providing patients and consumers with helpful information about the quality of our patients’ experiences. Star ratings published on our physician biography pages are based on actual responses from patients of that particular physician to patient satisfaction surveys that are distributed and processed by a national patient satisfaction survey vendor.

Who receives the survey?
Our vendor sends surveys via SMS or email to all patients seen in our outpatient physician practices who have a valid smart phone number or email address on file with Southcoast Health. Surveys are sent to patients within a few days of their appointment.

How is the Patient Satisfaction Star Rating Calculated?
Star ratings are calculated using an average of all survey responses to each of three questions: Courtesy and Respect of Staff, Provider Overall Rating, and  Willingness to Recommend Provider’s Office.  The star rating displayed on our physicians’ main biography page represents the average of the three measures for that particular physician.