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Southcoast Diabetes Management Program: Empowering Our Community to Live Well

Diabetes management is often a vital part of diabetes care. In fact, Medicare and most health insurance plans cover this service because it has been proven to reduce the need for hospitalizations, while improving overall long­term patient outcomes.

Southcoast Diabetes Management Program is an American Diabetes Association certified program that allows us to offer a comprehensive series of classes designed to give adults and their families the knowledge they need to live confidently with diabetes.

At Southcoast Health, education is offered in small group sessions or individually. The program addresses all aspects of diabetes self­ management, including meal planning, medication management, complications of diabetes and much more.

What Our Diabetes Management at Southcoast Health Offers

We offer our patients the following tools and education for diabetes management in MA and RI:

  • Group and individual education
  • Insulin pump education
    • Beginning pump therapy
    • Learning advanced pumping skills
  • Community education
    • Current topics in diabetes
  • Professional education
    • Resources regarding current trends in diabetes treatment

Why Diabetes Management Is Important

Diabetes education and management can be helpful for the following reasons:

  • Diabetes is a complex chronic condition that requires care and education to prevent the potential complications this disease can cause.
  • With the education you receive, you are empowered to manage your diabetes more effectively.
  • The team approach used at Southcoast Health provides you with education and skills that can assist you in maintaining your health.

Although diabetes cannot be cured, our educational series will provide you with the knowledge you need to help you live a healthier life and prevent the complications that can arise from not controlling your diabetes.

Join a Diabetes Support Group in MA or RI

The Southcoast Diabetes Management Program offers monthly support groups for adults who are learning to live with diabetes. Our diabetes support groups in southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island are a great way to meet people who share similar experiences and offer each other support. Practical advice and tips will help guide each member to feel more confident about living with diabetes.

Our team of Certified Diabetes Educators, nurses and dietitians is committed to help you live a healthier life. Contact us at (877­) 212-­9135 or speak to your physician about a referral to our Diabetes Management Program in southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Southcoast Health Diabetes Management Program helps patients across the South Coast in MA and RI live well with diabetes.