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Urgent Care

Fall River & Dartmouth, MA Occupational Health Rehabilitation Program

Have you recently been injured at work?

The Southcoast Occupational Health Rehabilitation Team can provide you with the full spectrum of care to manage your injury and assist you in getting back to your job in a timely manner. We offer acute physical therapy and occupational therapy evaluation and treatment, an aggressive Work Conditioning Program, and the required Work Tolerance Screen that can assist you with your return to work. The Work Conditioning Program is available at our Dartmouth location.  We have clinicians that are specially trained in Worker’s Compensation Insurance and Guidelines at our Dartmouth and Fall River locations. Our goal is to resolve your injury with a variety of tools and techniques, including work simulation, which will allow you to re-gain your function and confidence to return to your job.

Acute Physical Therapy Evaluation and Treatment

Acute means that you may be referred to Physical Therapy immediately after the injury and/or surgery. Your injury will be evaluated and tested by a licensed Physical Therapist to determine objectively your deficits and your requirements to return to work. A comprehensive rehabilitation plan will be developed with you to treat your injury, which will include modalities, exercise, home exercise program and work simulation.

If your injury resolves, we will recommended to your physician that you be cleared to return to full duty work. If your injury is improving, but you are still unable to perform your heavy work demands, you may be referred to a Work Conditioning Program.

Comprehensive Work Conditioning Program Focused on Your Health

The Work Conditioning Program is a more aggressive therapy program designed to assist an injured worker in getting back to full duty work. You will participate three times per week for two hours per session, and the program will usually last from four to eight weeks depending upon the severity of your injury and the demands of your work. This program is paid for by Worker’s Compensation Insurance.

The program includes customized work simulation tasks, cardiovascular exercise, stretching and flexibility exercises, and weight training and strengthening exercises. A licensed Physical Therapist will initially perform a Work Tolerance Screen to determine specific musculoskeletal deficits and functional limitations. A customized treatment plan will be developed with individual goals to assist you in getting back to full duty work. Regular communication and updates will be provided to your physician and Worker’s Compensation adjuster and/or nurse case manager.

Evaluating Your Health to Ensure You Return to Work Safely

Work Tolerance Screen

The Work Tolerance Screen is an evaluation that measures an injured worker’s ability to perform the essential functions of their job, including a musculoskeletal screening and specific work simulation testing. The outcome of this evaluation will determine if you are a candidate for the Work Conditioning Program. A physician referral, your job description and Worker’s Compensation insurance approval are all required for this evaluation.