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Work‐Related Injury? Turn to Southcoast Occupational Health

If you or one of your employees has been hurt on the job, then you need somewhere you can turn. Prompt evaluation, treatment and referral of work­-related injuries can mean a reduction in lost work time and workers’ compensation claims.

Our occupational health providers promote and apply stay-­at­-work/return-­to­-work principles, making sure that injured workers return safely, as soon as they are fit, to their everyday and job-related activities as soon as possible.

This should improve the workers’ confidence, promote healing and reduce costs to the employer and the overall workers’ compensation system.

Southcoast Occupational Health offers the following benefits:

  • Timely communication and feedback between Southcoast Occupational Health and the employer reduces the risk of unnecessary workers’ compensation and legal claims.
  • Your employee’s initial injury status is given to you by phone or fax, and a written report of the visit and work restrictions will be sent to you. Each case is followed while it is in the Southcoast Occupational Health system.
  • Our outcome-­driven rehabilitation services increase each employee’s capability to safely return to work and perform his or her particular job.

As a part of Southcoast Health, we are able to provide a full scope of services for occupational injury or illness, management and rehabilitation, including:

Southcoast Occupational Health is the largest, most comprehensive occupational health service in the region. Our network includes the following locations:

Hospital Emergency Rooms

Urgent Care Centers

Occupational Health Centers

Rehabilitation Centers

Learn More about Work‐Related Injury Treatment & Rehab

At Southcoast Occupational Health, we have both you and your employees’ best interests in mind by offering exceptional work­-related injury treatment, as well as rehabilitation services, in Fall River, New Bedford and surrounding areas. Find your nearest occupational health center above and contact them for more information.

Southcoast Health provides employers work­-related injury treatment services and rehabilitation from our hospitals, urgent care centers, occupational health centers and rehabilitation centers across the South Coast.