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Improve Your Hearing with an Audiologist at Southcoast Health

With the help of Southcoast Health, a hearing problem doesn’t have to interfere with your life or career. At Southcoast Health Audiology, we offer complete diagnostic evaluations provided by certified, licensed audiologists in Fall River.

Our experts provide comprehensive audiology services for children and adults, including:

  • Hearing evaluations
  • Hearing aids
  • Assistive listening devices, such as personal amplification products for phone and TV
  • Earmold impression for custom products like hearing protectors, swim molds and musicians’ earplugs

If you are having trouble hearing, ask your primary care provider for a referral to an audiologist at Southcoast Rehabilitation Services, and contact our audiology program today.

Schedule a Hearing Test in MA

An audiology assessment is the first step in meeting your hearing needs. One of our audiologists will perform a hearing test in a soundproof environment to evaluate your:

  • Amount and type of hearing loss
  • Middle ear function
  • Ability to understand speech
  • Need for hearing aids or assistive listening devices

Hearing Aids: Evaluation, Fitting & Orientation

Based on your hearing test results, your audiologist may recommend hearing aids. We’ll help you schedule a hearing aid evaluation, which will determine if you would benefit from hearing aids. We can also help you choose the best prescription for your specific hearing loss and lifestyle.

Adjusting to hearing aids often takes time, support and understanding. During your hearing aid fitting, your audiologist will discuss realistic expectations, better listening strategies and helpful communication techniques, as well as how to use and care for your hearing aids. Family and friends are always welcome to this appointment.

Southcoast gives all hearing aid customers a 30-day trial period to provide time to try new hearing aids in everyday situations. Hearing aid follow-up appointments are scheduled within the 30-day trial period to help solve any adjustment issues and assess performance.

Real Ear Measurement

This state-of-the-art computerized test measures how sound changes as it travels through the hearing aid into the ear canal. This allows your audiologist to adjust the hearing aids to accurately fit your needs.

Periodic Monitoring

When you purchase hearing aids, you will receive a reminder card to schedule a six month follow-up appointment. During this free visit, your hearing aids will be cleaned and analyzed by a computer to ensure they are providing their maximum benefit. We encourage you to schedule yearly evaluations or at any time if you have questions about your hearing aids.

Assistive listening devices, such as telephone amplifiers, FM systems and systems for televisions are also available to enhance communication and improve quality of life.

Southcoast Health provides hearing aids and audiology services in Fall River.