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Surgical Oncology with Care at Southcoast Health

Have you or someone you love been diagnosed with cancer? If so, Southcoast Health is here to help you navigate the waters of diagnosis, treatment and more.

If your type of cancer needs to be treated with surgery, your doctor may suggest surgical oncology in Fall River, Dartmouth and New Bedford, MA. Surgical oncology is a specialty branch of surgery focusing on the management of benign and malignant tumors.

Meet Our Surgical Oncology Team in MA & RI

Managing many types of cancers can be quite complex, and our surgical oncologists undergo advanced, rigorous training to diagnose, manage and operate appropriately on difficult tumors. They work closely with medical and radiation oncologists to develop a comprehensive treatment plan for each and every patient.

Southcoast provides specialized oncologists in the following areas:

At Southcoast, we have successfully performed complex operations on a wide spectrum of cancers, from pancreatic, liver, gastric and colorectal cancers, to breast and skin cancers. We are also committed to using new technologies when appropriate and have recently implemented several new programs to bring the latest advances to the communities we serve.

In addition, our surgical oncology treatments may include chemotherapy, aromatase inhibitors, hormone therapy and radiation therapy. We also offer various cancer support groups to encourage our patients through their treatment plans.

Find an Oncologist Today

Let us help you find the path to getting your life back by meeting with one of our oncologists in Fall River, New Bedford, Dartmouth or nearby. At Southcoast, we look forward to being where you turn for patient-centered cancer care.

Southcoast Health provides expertise in cancer treatment and surgical oncology for patients in Fall River, Dartmouth, New Bedford, Wareham, MA through Charlton Memorial Hospital, St. Luke’s Hospital, Tobey Hospital and Southcoast Surgery Center.