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Appointments are preferred and walk-ins are welcome. Please call 508-973-5306 to schedule an appointment if you are not able to schedule online or through your MyChart account.

Southcoast Health Laboratory Services at Linden Tree Family Health Center in RI

Diagnosis is one of the most important first steps of treating any disease or health condition. A diagnosis is often reached through laboratory testing– these types of tests can go a long way in terms of identifying a number of health conditions so that they can be treated promptly and effectively. At Southcoast Health, we are proud to offer comprehensive and high-quality medical laboratory services at our Southcoast Laboratory Services location in Portsmouth, RI.

Why Choose our Medical Lab Testing Services?

Our Southcoast Laboratory Services facility in Portsmouth, RI is led by a team of board-certified pathologists who work to provide the highest-quality diagnostic laboratory services to residents of Portsmouth and the surrounding areas. At our facility, patients have access to comprehensive clinical laboratory services, including anatomic pathology, cytology services, urinalysis, endocrinology, and more. Sample collection and testing are done on-site for your convenience, and our Portsmouth location offers adequate waiting space so each patient is comfortable from the moment they walk in the door. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and the high level of attention and care that each patient receives.

Services at Linden Tree Family Health Center in RI

Services at Linden Tree Family Health Center in RI include:

Portsmouth Laboratory Location

Southcoast Laboratory Services in Portsmouth is located at 2444 East Main Road.

Laboratory Services Near You in Portsmouth

For those in Portsmouth, RI and its surrounding towns looking for reliable medical lab services, Southcoast Health is the best choice for you. Our professionals use sophisticated equipment and technology to provide quick and accurate results, and our services will help you stay informed about your overall health. We always put our patients first – to learn more about our medical lab testing services and to book an appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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