The Importance of Wound Care: Debra’s Story

Wound care is essential.

Wound care is essential, because chronic wounds can have dangerous consequences. Debra Mello, a Southcoast patient, had an unfortunate firsthand experience with a chronic wound and its devastating effects.

In February of 2020, Debra started experiencing discomfort and pain in one of her feet. She promptly visited an urgent care center and then followed up with a podiatrist, to no avail.

Debra felt her foot pain was getting worse. Then, not more than three days after seeing a doctor, she noticed a hole forming on the side of her foot.

“I decided to take myself to Charlton Memorial’s Emergency Department,” she said. “Once they examined me, they saw how swollen, red, and bad my foot looked and diagnosed it as a vascular- related infection.”

Debra’s diagnosis led her to a visit with Dr. Mark Perry, Vascular Surgeon. Dr. Perry performed an angioplasty and stent placement procedure in her foot to optimize blood flow in her arteries to help with healing.

Chronic wounds can detract from quality of life

Dr. Perry determined that Debra had a chronic wound and transitioned Debra’s care to Charlton Memorial’s Wound Care Center. Chronic wounds are mostly defined as wounds persisting for more than 30 days without signs of healing. Debra’s chronic wound was detracting from her quality of life and preventing her from doing everyday things.

“I visited the center a total of 51 weeks,” she said. “At least 30 of my visits consisted of using hyperbaric oxygen treatment.”

Finally, in May of 2021, when Debra was meeting with Dr. Antonio DeMelo, Wound Care Podiatrist, he officially reported she no longer had to continue visiting the Wound Care Center – her infection had finally healed.

Reminiscing on great care

Although Debra recollects that having a chronic wound was painful and debilitating, she reminisces on the great care she received from Southcoast Health and the Wound Care Center.

“I had the best care anyone could ask for,” she said. “The nurses, doctors, and staff all make you feel cared for and comfortable. I felt like I was gaining a family every time I went to visit.”

Now, Debra looks forward to normalcy with COVID-19 in retreat – but will never forget the compassion and care she received.

At Southcoast Wound Care, our specialists make a dramatic difference in the lives of our patients. We are the first comprehensive wound care center in southeastern Massachusetts and offer the latest technology and treatment — all in one convenient setting.