Southcoast Patient Gifts Diamond Painting to Hospital

Charlton Memorial patient gifts 5D Diamond Painting to emergency department

Cindy Pinardi is no stranger to Southcoast Health. For the past several years, Cindy has been receiving primary and specialized care from Southcoast – enabling her to form close relationships with many providers and staff. 

“I’ve always received wonderful care,” she said. “Everyone here treats me like family.” 

Feeling closeness and appreciation for her care team

In return, Cindy has felt a closeness and appreciation for her care team, which motivated her to continue to give back. During her many appointments leading up to her scheduled weight loss surgery, she created a beautiful 5D Diamond Painting of a provider and patient. She gifted it to Charlton Memorial’s Emergency Department to be displayed. 

“Diamond Painting is a craft hobby that’s a mix between Paint By Numbers and Cross Stitch,” she said. “Basically, you apply thousands of tiny rhinestone ‘diamonds’ to a canvas to create Diamond Art.”

Cindy started creating 5D Diamond Paintings around three years ago as an activity she did with her mother. 

“My mother was in her nineties and legally blind. I felt like if she could create these, so could I,” she said. “In honor of my mother’s passing, I still create artwork – and enjoy doing it.” 

Cindy’s 5D Diamond Paintings have become quite the hit. She’s taken her artwork to many craft fairs around the South Coast, hosts art nights at her house, and even commissions special pieces for those who ask. 

Sitting on her hospital bed post-weight loss surgery, she currently works on another unique painting dedicated to a close friend. 

“Creating these pieces of art really helped me during COVID-19 and the lockdown.” 

In recent years, she was diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD), although never having smoked a day in her life. In addition, she has several other health conditions that affect her daily. In her time as a Southcoast patient, she’s received care from several specialists, including Dr. Shobhita Sundar, Dr. Naresh Mansharamani, Dr. David Bae, and others. 

“All of my providers and specialists pointed to my weight as being a leading cause in several of my other health conditions,” she said. “So I took their advice and decided what the heck – I’ll have the weight loss surgery.” 

Although Cindy was up against comorbidities and a global pandemic, she always keeps it light-hearted and tries to find a laugh. 

There’s never a dull moment

“When you get to know me, you’ll learn there’s never a dull moment,” she said. “When I was taken in for pre-op before my weight loss surgery, I taped a photo of the Last Supper to my stomach. I wanted my weight loss surgeon, Dr. Rachel Cimaomo, to have a good laugh before she started my procedure – that’s just the kind of person I am.” 

Now in post-operative care, she recognizes the major lifestyle adjustment that accompanies weight loss surgery. However, staying true to her nature, she focuses on the positive.

Moving ahead, she looks forward to spending more time with friends and family, working on her 5D Diamond Paintings and other crafts, and most importantly, regaining better health and wellness. 

Southcoast Health provides weight loss surgery for patients in Fall River and Wareham as well as parts of Rhode Island. Attend a seminar (or watch one online) to learn more and find out if you’re eligible for weight loss surgery, then contact a bariatric specialist near you to schedule a consultation to discuss your weight loss goals.