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A New Solution for Joint Pain

Mako™ robotic-arm assisted surgery is an innovative solution at Southcoast Health for individuals suffering from painful arthritis of the knee or hip. This technology allows our doctors to perform surgeries that are safer, more accurate, and are customized just for you.

We are proud to offer Mako™ robotic–arm assisted technology for:

More Precision, Quicker Recovery Times

Our patients are often able to recover more quickly after knee and hip replacement procedures with the use of the Mako. With the aid of the Mako robotic arm, the surgical team can make smaller cuts, with more precision, minimizing damage to both bones and soft tissue. This results in benefits such as:

  • Less bleeding
  • Smaller scar areas
  • Conservation of bone and healthy tissue
  • Shorter recovery times, depending on the patient

How it Works

During surgery, the Mako system guides the surgeon’s cuts within the pre-defined area and helps prevent the surgeon from moving outside the planned boundaries. This technology allows the surgeon to execute their cuts within millimeters of the desired plan. This helps provide more accurate placement, reducing the risk of complications.

Southcoast Health provides surgery with the Mako surgical system at Charlton Memorial Hospital in Fall River, MA.