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Urgent Care

Southcoast Health’s Total Joint Replacement Center provides patients with a fully integrated, customized patient experience. Our care involves both the patient and their family, enabling patients to feel at ease with the nurses and specialists and informed through-out the entire process.

Southcoast Health Joint Replacement Center features a Nurse navigator. The nurse navigator is here to “navigate” you through every step of your joint replacement surgery. Your navigator will work closely with your surgeon at the Joint replacement center to best guide you and your family through the experience.

Our nurse navigator works closely with all members of your health care team to coordinate your care before, during, and after your joint replacement surgery. The navigator will help to ensure that you are prepared and know what to expect.

After scheduling your surgery, you will receive an appointment for a consultation (via phone call) with the nurse navigator.

The purpose of the call with the navigator is to:

  • Learn more about you
  • Review basic health information, e.g., current medications
  • Provide education about the joint replacement process
  • Answer your questions and address concerns

You will also receive additional wellness calls from the navigator before and after surgery. The nurse navigator will be checking in on you and your family, providing education, support, and the necessary means to meet your needs.

Surgery can be an overwhelming experience, and our goal is to help you feel at ease and coordinate care from start to finish. Our nurse navigator provides you with a single point of contact to help get answers to any questions or concerns that you have during your joint replacement journey.