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Knee Replacement Options at Southcoast Health

At Southcoast, we hope to give our patients many options when it comes to joint replacement. If you have chronic knee pain or have had a knee injury, you may be able to find healing with a total or partial knee replacement in Fall River, Dartmouth, New Bedford, MA or the surrounding areas through Southcoast Health.

Knee replacement (also called knee arthroplasty or knee revision) is a surgical procedure used to remove a damaged knee joint, replacing it with an artificial joint. This new joint allows you to bend and move your lower leg back and forth without pain.

Why We Perform Knee Replacements in MA & RI

Our orthopedic specialists at Southcoast Health use knee replacement procedures to treat severe knee joint damage from injuries, arthritis or infections. This procedure may be a good option if knee pain limits your daily activities, your knee joint is deformed or other nonsurgical treatments like physical therapy, medication or joint injections haven’t worked.

We can help you find the best treatment plan for your knee pain, whether that may be partial or total knee replacement.

Partial Knee Replacement

For some patients, an alternative to total knee replacement is a CT-free robotic-assisted partial knee replacement. Partial knee replacement is a small-incision procedure that can help people who have arthritis in only one compartment of the knee.

Partial knee replacement surgery replaces only the damaged area of your knee joint. Patients typically stay 24 hours in the hospital and have a faster recovery time when compared with total knee replacement surgery.

Total Knee Replacement

With a total knee replacement, your knee surgeon will make an incision in the knee to remove damaged cartilage and bone, replacing it with plastic or metal surfaces.

Knee replacement is major surgery that requires anesthesia and may require you spending several days in the hospital. Some patients also need time in a rehabilitation center for physical therapy as part of the recovery process. It will probably be eight to 12 weeks before you’re feeling back to normal, and full recovery can take up to a year.

Get more information about what a knee replacement might mean for you by finding a doctor or a physician practice near you. Or sign up for our free educational Joint Seminar to learn more. Call 508-973-1559 to register.

Southcoast Health is a leader in joint replacement, including knee replacement, in Fall River, Dartmouth, New Bedford, Wareham, and other parts of MA and RI.