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Improve Your Movement with Joint Replacement from Southcoast Health

Hip, knee and shoulder joint replacements help people of all ages live pain-free, active lives. Millions of Americans each year benefit from total joint surgery, and, in fact, studies have shown that total joint surgery has increased the quality of life relative to cost more than any other medical intervention.

Joints are formed by the ends of two or more bones attached by tissue called cartilage. If the cartilage becomes damaged by disease or injury, the tissue around the joint can become inflamed, causing pain. Over time, the cartilage wears away, allowing the uneven edges of bone to rub against each other, causing pain.

If you experience chronic joint pain, discover what a joint replacement in Fall River, Dartmouth or Wareham, MA could do for you by consulting with an orthopedic specialist at Southcoast Health.

Performing Partial & Total Joint Replacements

When only some of the joint is damaged, a surgeon may be able to repair or replace just the damaged parts of the joint with a partial joint replacement. Southcoast is proud to offer minimally invasive techniques for partial knee replacements.

When the entire joint is damaged, a total joint replacement is performed. To replace a total hip, knee or shoulder joint, your surgeon will remove the diseased or damaged parts and insert artificial parts, called a prostheses or implant. Using the latest advances in surgery like the Mako Total Knee System, our surgeons can perform minimally invasive procedures to limit pain and help speed up recovery time.

Mako Total Knee & Hip System Benefits include:

  • Quicker recovery time than traditional knee replacements
  • Personalized surgical plans
  • Implants designed for natural, normal movement
  • Reduced risk of complications

Achieving Successful Outcomes with Joint Replacements in MA & RI

By combining the latest techniques and technologies, our average length of stay after surgery is 2.5 days versus the national average of 3.33 days. In addition, more than 70% of our elective hip and knee joint replacement patients are discharged directly to the home for recovery.

Southcoast Health’s Total Joint Replacement program provides patients with a fully integrated, customized patient experience. Our orthopedic surgeons work with primary care physicians, anesthesiologists and other subspecialists in the medical field to ensure that our patients’ expectations for care are met and even exceeded.

The program involves the patient and family in all pre-surgical education and training, and the small, private setting of the orthopedic units enables patients to feel at ease with the nurses and specialists. At Southcoast, our physicians are engaged with their patients’ care, which includes an education program about total joint surgery called Total Joint Boot Camp. Once you schedule your surgery, you will be signed up for the boot camp.

Southcoast Health is relied upon for expertise with total and partial joint replacement for patients across the South Coast of MA and RI.