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Reliable Drug & Alcohol Testing at Southcoast Health

Southcoast Occupational Health provides a hospital­-based drug and alcohol testing compliance program, which assists business and municipalities in their efforts to comply with their company’s drug and alcohol policy. We follow regulations established by Department of Transportation (DOT).

Whether or not your drug testing program is regulated by DOT guidelines, we can help decrease the administrative burden of your program, while minimizing your liability and keeping you in compliance with federal testing rules. To learn more about workplace drug and alcohol testing in Fall River, New Bedford, MA or a surrounding area, contact a Southcoast Occupational Health program near you.

DOT & Non‐DOT Screenings & Breath Alcohol Testing

Southcoast follows DOT guidelines for the “chain of custody” collection, handling and blind sampling, along with the confidentiality of reporting results. We utilize a (SAMSHA) NIDA-Certified Laboratory, and all results are reviewed by a Medical Review Officer (MRO) in order to protect both the employer and employee.

For drug and alcohol testing, Southcoast Occupational Health offers:

  • Urine, saliva and hair testing
  • Collection sites
  • Professionals trained in administration of urine drug screening and breath alcohol testing
  • Federally approved evidential breath testing devices
  • Pre­-employment, random, suspicion, post-­accident and return-­to-­work after rehabilitation drug testing
  • Alcohol and controlled substance education

DOT Weight of Vehicle Guidelines

  • Under 10,000 pounds
    • Regular license
  • Between 10,001 and 26,000 pounds
    • Medical card
    • DOT number and vehicle inspection
  • Over 26,000 pounds, the employee will need:
    • CDL license
    • Medical card
    • Drug and alcohol program/consortium
    • Timecard/log

Southcoast Health also offers Employee Assistance Program, a professionally staffed, confidential resource offered by an employer to assist with personal problems affecting job performance and other areas of an employee’s life.

Employers can turn to Southcoast Occupational Health for drug and alcohol testing in southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island.