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Urgent Care

Patients have certain responsibilities in relation to their treatment plan.

While receiving care, you are expected to:

  • Provide accurate and complete information, to the best of your knowledge, about your condition and other matters relating to your health. Report any changes in your condition to your doctor. You are responsible for asking your doctor and other health care professionals questions that help you understand your treatment.
  • Follow the treatment plan and instructions recommended by your doctor or inform your doctor and hospital staff if you choose to refuse treatment. You are responsible for keeping appointments and, when unable to do so for any reason, to notify the hospital.
  • Understand that failure or refusal to follow the treatment plan and instructions may have a negative impact on your treatment.
  • While in the hospital, take only the medications prescribed by your doctor for use during your hospitalization. A nurse will provide the medications to you. The hospital will properly dispose of any other medications or chemical substances that are not appropriately labeled or prescribed. It is important to maintain an accurate list of any medications or supplements that you take on a regular basis. In order to keep it accurate bring this list to all your doctor’s appointments, visits to the hospital and when filling prescriptions at the pharmacy.
  • Fulfill, as soon as possible, all financial obligations to the hospital for your care.
  • Follow hospital policies affecting patient care and conduct.
  • Support mutual consideration and respect by maintaining civil language and conduct in interactions with staff and licensed independent practitioners.