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Say Thank You in a Meaningful Way

The Southcoast Health Grateful Patient is designed as a platform for grateful patients like yourself, to provide recognition to a Southcoast employee, regardless of department or role, who had a positive impact on you while receiving care. Donations made by Grateful Patients in honor of our staff will recognize our employees as a Southcoast Star. Positive feedback in honor of staff that is received through patient surveys will be featured in the Gratitude Report. All Southcoast Health employees are eligible to be honored, including our Southcoast Health Visiting Nurse Association.

Southcoast Stars

Your gift in honor of a staff member helps provide encouragement to our doctors, nurses, and caregivers as they proudly wear their Southcoast Stars pin – while your generosity allows us to continue to expand our capabilities and provide More than medicine. Be on the lookout for the Star pins, and nominate your Southcoast Star today!

Grateful Patient Stories

In 2018 Maureen O’Donnell’s life was upended by a diagnosis of and treatment for a struvite stone in her left kidney. It was time to have her kidney removed — both a relief and a source of great anxiety. With the exceptional care she received from her care team at Southcoast Health, their kindness and warmth,  Maureen has made a full recovery and she reached out to us with thanks to the team who helped her through her healing journey. To read more about Maureen’s story, click here.

Pictured from L to R: Christine Rapoza, RN, Elisabeth Ferreira, RN, Maureen O’Donnell, Sandy Caceres, RN, Dennis Larock, MD

Gratitude Report

After each visit with us, you will receive a Patient Satisfaction Survey from NRC Health. The survey allows you to provide us any and all feedback, comments, stories and the opportunity to recognize your care team that embodies what it means to be More than medicine. The Gratitude Report will list employees names who were mentioned in patient surveys and will be shared across the system!

Below are recent survey mentions that exemplify our service behaviors here at Southcoast Health.

The person that signed me in was very efficient. When Keisha the technician called me into the exam room she introduced herself and explained what she was going to do and asked me if I had any questions. When we were done she explained the test would be read by the radiologist and when I could expect the results. Lastly she told me I was all set and didn’t have to check out.

– Keisha – Radiology

Sarah Souza, and Dr. Martin have been extremely attentive since the start of my services. They both listen to me and work together to provide the best outcome I need. Extremely satisfied and thankful for the help.

Sarah S. – Neurology

Nurses Samantha and Caitlyn were exceptional with care, explanations and attention. Food person Tammy went above and beyond her duty and obligations and made my food experience at the hospital exceptional.

Samantha, Caitlyn, and Tammy – CMH Inpatient

From the moment I stepped into the Emergency Department, I was treated with dignity and respect. I was greeted warmly by the front desk (Joyce) and processed quickly and efficiently. I was quickly ushered to a room, and, seen promptly by the medical staff. The doctor (Correia) was very knowledgeable and answered questions (and explained tests) in a manner I could understand. I was TOTALLY impressed and most grateful.

Joyce – Tobey ED

Michael Griffiths was calm and sincere. I asked for someone else to be in the room during my cortisone injection. Kristen came in and held my hand and helped me breathe through my anxiety. Michael Griffiths injected the cortisone on the other side of my hurting knee and that alone made a huge difference.

Kristen – Orthopedics

We invite you to honor our physicians, nurses or caregivers who may have helped you or a family member through a difficult hospital stay, visit or treatment through our Southcoast Stars pin program or the Gratitude Report.

For more information on making a donation in honor of a special caregiver at Southcoast Health, please contact Holly Weeden at 508-973-5944 or

Other ways to recognize your care team – Nominate a Nurse for the DAISY Award.

Honor Your Caregiver Today!