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The Patient Experience Team at Southcoast Health works as a liaison between the patients, hospitals and physicians to address compliments, concerns, and feedback. We are here to assist patients and families to ensure that their experience with Southcoast Health is a consistent and superior one. We at Southcoast Health value and welcome your feedback. It’s an essential component to continuously improving quality of care, patient safety and overall service to you and our future patients. Learn more

Yinka, Director, Service Excellence & Patient Experience

Professional background:

Patient Experience means More than medicine to me. Prior to joining Southcoast Health as the Director of Service Excellence and Patient Experience, my journey in health care started over nine years ago, working in New York City for the nation’s largest public healthcare delivery system.

In my previous role as a Care Experience Officer, I directed hospital-wide, metric-driven plans with a focus on performance improvement and patient experience. My background as a Lean facilitator drew me to the work in Patient Experience, as I am passionate about finding ways to improve the experience for both patients and healthcare providers.

As a seasoned professional with over 25 years of experience in leadership roles in consumer services, my strengths are in elevating the consumer experience, process improvement, operations and working with diverse groups.

What makes you More than medicine:

I strive to provide exceptional service to everyone I encounter. In health care, it is very important that patients, families and the community know they matter. Working at Southcoast Health, my team and I get to collaborate with departments across the system to create truly memorable experiences for every patient and their family. We get to reimagine ways to transform the way we deliver care.

Emma, Manager Service Excellence & Patient Experience

Professional background:

Prior to becoming the Manager of Service Excellence & Patient Experience, I started my career at Southcoast Health as an intern for the Brand and Strategy Division in 2017. After completing my Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration and Management, I officially started as a Patient Relations Specialist at Southcoast Health in 2019. Since then, our department continues to grow and collaborate with the system to ensure patients are receiving the quality of care they deserve when they come to Southcoast Health.

What makes you More than medicine:

I wanted to make a positive impact on patient’s lives, and felt Growing up in this area and working for the community health system that my friends and family have always gone to is what inspires me every day to do More. Working alongside colleagues throughout the system, I have learned that Southcoast Health has so much passion when it comes to patient experience, and working as a team allows us all to make a difference. Finding ways to improve the patient’s experience and seeing it come to fruition is the greatest reward.

Melissa, Patient Service & Experience Specialist

Professional background:

I graduated from the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences in 2021 with a Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Management. Prior to joining Southcoast Health in 2022, I worked as a Pharmacy Technician at Walgreen’s Pharmacy and Clinic Coordinator at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. My passion for improving patient experience grew with each role as I learned how important it is to provide exceptional patient experience beyond medicine.

What makes you More than medicine:

Because of my professional training and personal experiences, I have always enjoyed helping people and being the voice for those who feel unheard. Here at Southcoast Health, I am able to work with a great team of people that are just as passionate as I am in shaping the overall experience for patients.

Nicole, Service Excellence Specialist

Professional background:

I attended the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and obtained my Bachelor’s of Science in Management with a Minor of Organizational Leadership, graduating in 2021. Prior to becoming a part of the Service Excellence and Patient Experience team, I worked for Southcoast Healthcare Network as a Practice Quality Coordinator and prior to that I was a Medical Assistant and Phlebotomist for 12 years with Southcoast Physicians Group Practices. Overall, I’ve been working in the medical field for over 17 years.

What makes you More than medicine:

For me, what makes me More than medicine would be the fact that not only do I want to improve our patients’ overall health, I also want them to feel a part of our Southcoast Family. Meaning, it’s not just about the care they receive, it’s ensuring that all interactions our patients have are positive and memorable.

It’s listening, providing access and creating that connection with the patients in our communities. It’s advancing beyond what’s expected or even imagined. It’s putting a smile on their face and knowing I did absolutely everything for them, by going above and beyond to make their visit as smooth as possible.

It’s also about making our staff members feel appreciated. I want to be able to make our staff members – who, if you think about it, are a huge part of our Southcoast family – feel more appreciated. Letting them know that they are doing a fabulous job. Boosting their morale, whenever possible. When patients see that we at Southcoast Health are working together and treating each other as family, they will build trust in us to take care of them and their loved ones.

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