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Outpatient Nutrition Services in Wareham, MA

If you are in or around Wareham, MA and need assistance planning and implementing a healthy diet to improve your overall health, then our office can assist you. Southcoast Health’s Nutrition Services program is personalized to each patient and tackles a variety of dietary needs or concerns our patients face. If you choose Southcoast Health, you will meet with a clinical dietitian and discuss your goals or medical conditions that impact your diet. Our team will craft a customized regimen for you to follow. Our patients receive hands-on guidance throughout their journey to adopt an optimal diet. 

To meet with a registered dietitian in Wareham, you’ll need a referral from your family physician. Southcoast providers can enter a referral via EPIC or call the Centralized Scheduling department at 508-973-3900.

If you have questions about our Nutrition Services, please call 508-973-5170. When you come for your appointment, please enter through the main lobby and report to the Admitting department. If your appointment is after 3 pm, please enter through the ER and report to the Admitting department on the ground level.

Why Choose Our Wareham Practice?

Our Tobey Nutrition Services – Outpatient office is home to an experienced team of professionals, including our seasoned dietitians. They have years of experience working with patients to tackle various dietary concerns, including those caused by medical conditions of all kinds. Following your comprehensive assessment, you will be paired with a dietician who will assess your unique condition and create a tailor-made dietary plan with your unique needs in mind. We encourage patients to take advantage of the extensive nutrition services we offer to help support your diet and overall health.

Where to Find Southcoast Nutrition Services

You can find Southcoast Nutrition Services – Outpatient in Wareham at 43 High Street, located within the Tobey Hospital right off Route 6. 

Nutrition Specialties and Services

Patients of all ages in Wareham can take advantage of our wide array of services for nutritional counseling. We assist patients with the following conditions: 

Insurance and Payment Options

Most major health plans are accepted at Wareham’s Southcoast Nutrition Services office. However, a referral from the patient’s physician is required for outpatient counseling. You can send the referral to the Central Scheduling Department, or an “Ambulatory Referral to Nutrition Services” can be entered by a Southcoast physician. If you have any questions regarding your coverage, it is best to contact your insurance provider directly. Come to our office with the necessary paperwork, including a form of identification and your insurance card, as you will be asked to present them upon arrival. 

Reliable Care & Treatment at Southcoast Health

At Southcoast Nutrition Services, we care deeply about our patients and work to provide high-quality, personalized, and state-of-the-art care. We believe in a comprehensive approach to healthcare, which includes establishing a close relationship with patients to ensure that they are well cared for and have the best possible experience. Our staff is always available and willing to address any questions or concerns you may have and will make sure you are kept in the loop throughout your nutrition journey with us. To learn more about our practice and the care we provide, contact us by calling (508) 973-5170 today.

Specialties & Services