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Urgent Care

At Southcoast Health we are committed to our mission of providing healthcare that extends beyond direct patient care. We know that the environment in which we live, work, play, and age is the greatest indicator of health and overall wellness. Our Community Benefits team collaborates with more than a hundred community partners to understand, prioritize and develop Southcoast Cares programming to address the most pressing needs of our region. These programs focus on reducing high rates of chronic disease, and increasing access to care, safe and affordable housing, transportation, healthy and affordable food, and education and employment opportunities.

Southcoast Cares Initiatives

Southcoast Health Wellness Van

Many South Coast residents lack access to regular primary and preventive health care due to medical costs and lack of transportation. Our Southcoast Health Wellness Van breaks down traditional barriers to care by bringing free health education, vaccinations and health screenings to underserved populations across the region.

Southcoast Health Impact Opportunity Grant Program

Our annual, competitive grant program supports local organizations and their innovative projects that focus on addressing the unmet health and social needs in the South Coast.

Farmer’s Markets

Southcoast Cares supports the theory that food is medicine by supporting local farmers markets and farm stands throughout the South Coast to provide our employees and our community members with easy access to healthy, locally grown food.

Baby Café

We host free, weekly Baby Cafés provided via Zoom and a Breastfeeding Support Group in Dartmouth for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, where peer support and one-on-one help from specially trained health professionals is available, including professional lactation support. For the latest locations and schedule or visit our events calendar.

New Beginnings Program

The New Beginnings Program (NBP) provides support to opiate exposed newborns and their mothers with the goal of improving long-term outcomes. NBP includes referral to medication treatment programs, education on NAS, assistance developing a plan of safe care for discharge and referral to community agencies as needed to address social determinant and health needs. NBP’s primary goals are to increase newborn/mother visitation (frequency and duration), decrease length of stay for newborns and decrease newborn foster placements.

Be Well Wareham

Be Well Wareham is a wellness partnership with YMCA Southcoast, that provides the community with free fitness opportunities, guided meditation and nutritional education led by Southcoast providers, Dr. Ashwini Sahni and Jody Reeves, NP. For the 2021 schedule please click here.

GiftstoGive Philanthropy Factory

GiftsToGive works with local organizations, social workers, churches and other entities that can connect these important and valued items to the adults and children in our area who need them most.

Southcoast Cares supports this program by hosting donation drives at various Southcoast sites throughout the year. Employee donations are delivered directly to the GiftsToGive processing center, where the items are sorted, cleaned and redistributed to families in need.

Community Health Needs Assessment

We assess needs through a comprehensive process that directly engages with community members to identify the most pressing health and social conditions across the region. The information that we collect is used to develop programs, measure outcomes and inform future planning.