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Interventional Radiology Across Southeastern Massachusetts

An interventional radiologist uses imaging exams and catheter procedures to diagnose and treat many different conditions and diseases. They often focus on diseases of the blood vessels and lymphatic system. Another name for them is vascular and interventional radiologist. They also treat other conditions, such as cancer and infertility.

You’ll find interventional radiologists in Fall River, North Dartmouth, New Bedford and Wareham, MA near you at Southcoast Health. Contact Southcoast Radiology Imaging Services to learn more or to schedule an imaging exam.

Treating Many Conditions with Interventional Radiology

Conditions that interventional radiologists diagnose and treat include:

Services Offered at Southcoast Health

Our interventional radiology procedures in MA and RI include:

  • Angiography to see how blood flows through blood vessels
  • Biopsies with CT or ultrasound guidance
  • CT scan to produce highly detailed images of body structures
  • Fluoroscopy, a moving X-ray technique to guide diagnostic and certain minimally invasive procedures
  • MRI to produce highly detailed images of organs and tissues
  • Nuclear imaging scan, such as a PET scan
  • Ultrasound to see internal organs and structures using sound waves instead of X-rays or MRI
  • X-rays to image many areas of the body, including bones, joints, chest, abdomen and pelvis

Minimally invasive treatments include:

  • Blood vessel treatments, including blood clot removal, dissolving a blood clot, repair of abdominal aortic aneurysm, embolization and angioplasty
  • Cancer treatments, including embolization to cut off blood supply to a tumor and radiofrequency ablation to destroy cancerous tissue
  • Drainage of abscesses or fluid, such as fluid in the abdomen or chest
  • Kidney treatments, including placing stents in the renal arteries and restoring urine flow around blocked ureters
  • Liver treatments, including redirecting blood flow around blocked blood vessels
  • Spine treatments, including vertebroplasty to treat back pain
  • Treatments for female reproductive conditions, including embolization of uterine fibroids and catheterization of obstructed fallopian tubes
  • Treatments for male infertility, including embolization of varicoceles
  • Vascular access procedures, including placement of central catheters, dialysis access and feeding tubes

Find your optimal diagnosis and treatment with the experienced radiology team at Southcoast Health.

Southcoast Health offers a range of interventional radiology procedures in Fall River, North Dartmouth, New Bedford, MA, as well as parts of Rhode Island.