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Urgent Care

Over the past year, the global pandemic illuminated the critical role that frontline healthcare workers play in our community. Last spring, Southcoast Health staff quickly learned, firsthand, just how dangerous COVID-19 truly is. You have been with us throughout the pandemic and we are immensely grateful.

Brightening the dark days of the past year have been the thousands of patients who have recovered and returned home to their families. Your support and encouragement have helped to make this possible.

With each new day our hope grows, yet the danger posed by COVID-19 still remains. The burden placed on our frontline staff by this pandemic has never been so apparent as they continue to heroically provide exceptional care to our community.

Thank you for the outpouring of support you continue to provide our healthcare heroes. It is an honor for all of us to serve and care for you. We ask for your continued support to Southcoast Health and our healthcare staff in honor of their resilience and commitment to our community.

Then. Now. Always.

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