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Urgent Care

Since 2002, the Heart and Vascular Center at Southcoast Health’s Charlton Memorial Hospital has done More to help heal thousands of hearts in our community.

Twenty years ago, Charlton Memorial became the first community hospital in Massachusetts to have an open heart surgery program approved by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

Since then, the Heart and Vascular Center at Charlton Memorial Hospital has grown to be the world-class center of care that it is today, offering close-to-home, advanced live saving procedures, as well as leading the way in clinical research recognized on a world level.

As we celebrate twenty years of leading the way in advanced, comprehensive cardiac care, our commitment to healing hearts in our community remains as strong as it was in 2002 – as does our gratitude for the support from all our friends and neighbors who are proud to call our region home.

Cardiac Surgery Online Seminars

Cardiac Surgery Online Seminar

Thursday, April 21, 2022 at 6pm

Southcoast Health invites you to attend our free online seminar with Iraklis Gerogiannis, MD, Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Southcoast Health.

Learn more about the 20 year history of Southcoast Health’s Cardiac Surgery Program, as well as the comprehensive, life-saving procedures that are available today at Charlton Memorial’s Heart and Vascular Center.

Open Heart Surgery at Southcoast Health

Southcoast performs more than 350 open heart surgeries each year, and has incorporated the best training techniques with the best technology to build a first-class program that has unsurpassed surgical quality and patient satisfaction.

Considered one of the top programs in the country, the Southcoast heart surgery program consistently reaches 100 percent in patient satisfaction scores. This success relies on a dedicated team lead by Dr. Peter Cohn, Physician-in-Chief of the Cardiovascular Care Center, and Dr. Gerogiannis, Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery, consisting of surgeons, cardiologists, nurses and staff who work daily to care for our patients.

Meet Our Surgeons

Iraklis Gerogiannis, MD
Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery
Peter Lee, MD
Christopher Zambrano, DO

Meet Cardiac Anesthesiologists

Igrar Ismail-Zade, MD (Chief)
Larry Thiesen, MD
Ngoc Ly, MD

Meet Our APPs

Sofia Cabral-Murras, PA

Kolleen DeAndrade, PA
Robin Haverly, PA

Sandra Landry, PA

Mark Morosco, PA

Fatima Jaworek, NP

Audrey Lopes, NP

Emmanuel Resendes, NP

Meet Our Team

Can World-Class Cardiovascular Care Save Lives? You’re Looking at Them.

It Takes a Full Spectrum of Heart Care

At 67 years old, Joe had worked as a boat builder for over 40 years. He was active and enjoyed going to the gym after work. Although relatively healthy, he had an inactive aortic aneurysm that was being monitored – and would later play a critical role in his treatment.

George Washburn… Enjoying Every Minute

When we refer to the human heart as a “ticker,” it evokes thoughts of a ticking clock. Tick. Tick. Tick. Thump. Thump. Thump. Our heartbeats indicate we are alive and, just like a clock, tells us we are here on this planet a little longer with each passing second. There is one man whose ticker continues to beat strongly with the help of the Southcoast Health Heart and Vascular Center at Charlton Memorial Hospital in Fall River.

Heart Attack and Bypass Surgery – Don’t Ignore Your Symptoms

On a routine Sunday morning, Dan decided to play a game of Paddle Tennis, something he had been doing regularly in recent years. During the second set, he felt increasing tightness in his chest, enough to stop before the next game. He tried shaking off the pain and drove home. Shortly after arriving home, with symptoms worsening, Dan’s wife drove him to the hospital. Subsequently, Dan learned he suffered from a heart attack and now faced a quadruple bypass surgery. 

Lisa ♥ Randy

In 2015, Randy was leading a job for his landscaping company when he felt mild chest pain. He started sweating and losing his breath. He took a second, rested, and waited for the episode to end — which it did, after about 10 minutes.

Investing in Exceptional Care and Services

Southcoast Health has and will always remain at the forefront of modern medicine to provide our patients with the level of care they deserve. Your investment today will help more patients like Terri, Joe, George, Dan and Randy receive comprehensive care in the future.