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Urgent Care

Southcoast Health Cancer Centers in Fall River & Fairhaven, MA

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, know that you can find the compassionate support and advanced treatment that you need at the Southcoast Health Cancer Centers. Our program is QOPI® Certified and is led by some of the brightest minds in cancer treatment in the region.

From advanced radiation therapy or chemotherapy, to the latest imaging services to oncology rehabilitation and clinical trials, we give our patients a fighting chance against cancer. We also offer a range of cancer support services, including patient navigation, nutrition counseling and social work.

It’s our goal to help you and your family feel as comfortable as possible, so we’ve made our cancer centers in Fall River and Fairhaven, MA welcoming and full of comforting amenities. If you’re interesting in learning more about Southcoast Health Cancer Centers, explore our services or contact your nearest location using the information to the right.

Southcoast Health Cancer Center offering patients the convenience of Saturday Clinics in Fall River

Current and new patients of the Southcoast Health Cancer Center now have a convenient new option – clinic hours on Saturdays.

These clinics are offered two Saturdays each month, from 8 am to noon, at the Southcoast Health Cancer Center located on the Charlton Memorial Hospital campus in Fall River.  Often it can be difficult for family or friends to accompany patients to their appointments because of weekday work schedules.  These Saturday Clinics now provide an opportunity for loved ones to be present during appointments and treatment sessions.

Appointments are offered for new patients, follow up visits and supportive therapies, such as IV fluid hydration.  To make an appointment or learn more, call 508-973-7813

Cancer Screenings

Routine cancer screenings are the key to detecting your current risks for cancer, helping both you and your doctor plan a response in advance. Screenings can help detect cancer early and that is the best prevention.

Cancer screenings are designed to catch cancer at the earliest stage or even at a precancerous stage. Early detection is the best prevention.

Cancer screenings allow patients to make informed decisions. Even if you do not have cancer, it is still important to undergo a screening so that you are aware of your current and future risks for developing the disease