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With the latest technology in digital imaging, Southcoast Radiology is now using PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System).

PACS provides faster, easier access to patient information, diagnostic data, examination results, and records.

When you come to pick up your x-ray, you will be picking up a CD instead of bulky films.

PACS is now used at Charlton Memorial, St. Luke's and Tobey Hospitals as well as all Southcoast Radiology outreach sites.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to continue to pick up my x-rays?

All physicians who have access to Southcoast's information system have access to your images right from their office. Patients of physician's who do not have access will need to pick up a CD for their physician to view their images.

What does the CD contain?

The CD you pick up will contain your images (your x-rays). If you are picking up a CD after a Radiologist has read your exam, your report may also be included on the CD, eliminating a trip to Medical Records.

How will my doctor view my films?

Your doctor will no longer have to hang films, but more conveniently a CD that your doctor can view on his/her PC right in their office. Patients can feel confident that their test results and information are securely transmitted to their physician, decreasing their wait time from traditional methods.

Do I need to return the CD?

No, you will no longer have to return your x-rays if they are on a CD.

Why am I still getting film when I pick up my x-rays for some exams?

Any exams performed prior to PACS will still be printed on film.

What if my physician specifies he/she still needs traditional film copies?

We are able to print film on demand for certain situations, although this should occur minimally for any exam performed after PACS.

Will I need more than one CD if I am requesting images from multiple exams?

Depending on the exam and the size of the file, more than one CD may be needed to accommodate the images.


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