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Supportive Midwives During Pregnancy & Childbirth in Southeastern MA

When you have a baby at Southcoast Health, we have a team of caring providers to help make your experience all that it should be. Many expectant mothers choose to include a midwife on their birth team.

Certified nurse midwives (CNMs) at Southcoast Health support mothers during pregnancy, labor and delivery by providing nutrition counseling, labor pain relief, newborn care and breastfeeding support.

Contact us to learn more about working with a Southcoast Health midwife in Fall River or New Bedford, MA.

Benefits of a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) at Southcoast Health

Southcoast Health offers midwifery as part of our maternity services because these qualified advanced practice professionals bring a personalized approach to your birthing experience. They get to know your specific needs and preferences for your birth plan, looking at childbirth in the context of your life.

While midwives are trained to respond to medical emergencies, they cannot perform C-sections. They partner with our OB/GYNs and other medical professionals to bring you high-quality care at every stage of pregnancy and birth and beyond.

Midwifery is just one of the many ways Southcoast Health provides our patients with family-centered childbirth experiences. Register for a childbirth class or tour our facilities to learn more about how we can support you.

Southcoast Health offers the personal care you need during childbirth with the help of our certified nurse midwives in Fall River and New Bedford, MA.