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Family Centered/Gentle C-section for a Personalized Childbirth

A cesarean birth or cesarean section (C-section) is a surgery to deliver a baby through the mother’s abdomen and womb. You may need a C-section if you or your baby have health problems, the baby is large or you’re delivering multiple babies.

Having a C-section is not always part of what mothers and families expect for labor and delivery. At Southcoast Health, your emotional well-being and preferences are important to us. That’s why we offer family centered or gentle C-sections in Fall River and New Bedford at our hospitals.

A gentle C-section, also called a family centered C-section, allows you to have a more personalized birth experience that is common in vaginal births, such as early skin-to-skin bonding, a calm birthing environment and avoidance of separation to encourage early breast feeding.

Talk to one of our experienced OB/GYNs or midwives about ways we can provide a gentle cesarean birth. Southcoast Health hospitals are equipped with the latest technologies for a safe gentle C-section.

What to Expect from a Family-Centered C-section at Southcoast Health

In a gentle C-section, a clear drape is used allowing the family early visualization of the newborn. There is no delay in bringing the child to the mother’s chest for immediate bonding and breastfeeding. The mother’s partner or coach is also encouraged to be present so you can experience the childbirth as a family.

Southcoast Health wants you to feel as comfortable and present as possible during this exciting time. Find an OB/GYN to learn more about our patient-centric maternity services.

Southcoast Health provides gentle C-sections in Fall River and New Bedford, MA.