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Specialized Pediatric Services, Tailored to Your Children

Children aren’t just little adults. When kids are ill or injured, they need and deserve to be cared for by experts in pediatric medicine — experts with experience addressing the unique needs and challenges of sick or injured children. That’s why Southcoast Health has developed a clinical collaboration with  Boston Children’s Hospital, the top-ranked pediatric hospital in the United States.

This collaboration helps provide enhanced local access to high-quality nursery care to babies born at Southcoast’s hospitals, as well as inpatient and emergency pediatric care to children and families across the region at  St. Luke’s Hospital. Learn more about our pediatric services below so you can feel confident in where to seek expert care for your children.

What are Pediatric Hospitalists?

As the name suggests, pediatric hospitalists are pediatricians who are based in a hospital to provide specialized care and treatment to children experiencing an illness or injury. This type of doctor has extensive experience providing the highest quality of inpatient care to newborns, infants, children, and adolescents. 

Real Patients. Real Results.

Types of Hospital Based Pediatric Services at Southcoast Health

Here at Southcoast Health, we want to help take care of your child in the best ways that we can. Our program is built on the foundation of providing truly collaborative patient care and keeping care local. Some examples of our pediatric services include:

Nursery Care at Southcoast Health

Our clinical collaboration with Boston Children’s Hospital starts with our youngest, most vulnerable patients. Even if they are healthy, all newborns need thorough care when they are born. Southcoast Health offers state-of-the-art Level II nurseries at our Charlton Memorial Hospital and St. Luke’s hospital locations. This allows us to take care of babies who are moderately ill or who are recovering from a more serious illness and were previously treated in a Level III nursery. 

Inpatient for Children

With 22 inpatient beds, the pediatric unit at St. Luke’s hospital provides your child with the inpatient care they need- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We work with your child’s primary care provider to ensure that the treatment plan we create is perfectly suited to them. 

The pediatric unit is designed with oversized rooms, so families can stay with their children during their stay with us. It also includes a family room, kid-friendly décor, family accommodations, and an ample supply of toys to make it as comfortable and welcoming as possible for patients and their families.

Emergency Services for Children

St. Luke’s Hospital has a dedicated space for children within our Emergency Department, so we can provide them with the care they need in a comforting and safe environment. They will not be exposed to the hustle and bustle of a busy Emergency Department. We also provide emergency care for children at Tobey Hospital and Charlton Memorial. If a child needs to be admitted, he or she will be transferred to the pediatric inpatient unit at St. Luke’s. 

Consultation Services for Children

The Boston Children’s physicians at St. Luke’s can consult with specialists at Boston Children’s Hospital if needed in real-time. Any radiology images or other clinical documents can be sent over to the main campus to provide a thorough consultation with their counterparts.

Specialized Pediatric Care Near You in MA

Our pediatric team is made up of a dedicated group of physicians, nurses, and support staff with the single focus of providing the best possible care for your child. To learn more about the pediatric services we offer at our hospitals in Massachusetts or to make an appointment, contact us today.