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Join Southcoast Health as we recognize National Heart Awareness Month throughout February! 

For matters of the heart, we are here for you, offering a multidisciplinary cardiovascular care program at the Heart and Vascular Center at Charlton Memorial Hospital – close to home and recognized for cardiovascular excellence.

Visit this page throughout February for heart health services, heart-healthy recipes, education, resources, support, and life-changing patient stories. 

Heart Health Online Seminars

WATCHMAN Online Seminar

Thursday, February 24th at 6pm

Southcoast Health invites you to attend our free online seminar with Christopher Abadi, MD, Medical Director of Echocardiography Services at Southcoast Health.

Learn about a one-time, minimally invasive procedure that reduces stroke risk and bleeding concerns for patients with atrial fibrillation. 

Women’s Heart Health Online Seminar

Thursday, February 10th at 6pm

Southcoast Health invites you to attend our free Women’s Heart Health online seminar, featuring Kelly Walker, NP and Alyssa Oliveira, NP.

Cardiovascular disease is the #1 killer of women, causing 1 in 3 deaths each year. Learn more about symptoms and risk factors that may play a role in the development of heart disease in women, and the steps you can take to prevent and manage any heart related issues.

The Heart and Vascular Center Online Seminar

Thursday, February 3rd at 6pm

Southcoast Health invites you to attend our free Heart Health online seminar, featuring Physician-in-Chief of the Cardiovascular Care Center, Dr. Peter Cohn.

Learn about our world-class Heart and Vascular Center at Charlton Memorial Hospital that has earned national recognition for cardiovascular excellence – offering close-to-home care for you and your family’s heart health.

Celebrating 20 Years of World-class Cardiovascular Care

Since 2002, the Heart and Vascular Center at Southcoast Health’s Charlton Memorial Hospital has done more to help heal thousands of hearts in our community.

Led by an experienced team of the region’s top cardiovascular surgeons and specialists who have years of experience in the treatment of cardiovascular disease, Charlton Memorial Hospital’s world-class Heart and Vascular Center delivers the compassionate, personal care you and your loved ones deserve.

Patient Stories

Hypolito (Paul) – Rhode Island

Hypolito (Paul) Ferreira Jr. is a 77-year-old Vietnam War veteran who is enjoying the best years of his retirement in Rhode Island. Five years ago, he was diagnosed with an abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) – an enlargement of the aorta, which supplies blood from the heart to the rest of the body. After continual monitoring and follow-ups, Mr. Ferreira needed lifesaving surgery and was referred in December 2021 to Dr. Richard Pin, Southcoast Health’s Chief of Vascular Surgery, for a percutaneous (through a small hole rather than large incision) repair of his AAA.

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George – Fall River, MA

George Washburn is 86 years old. He prides himself as an active man who still enjoys his commercial painting job. He is a happy fellow who eagerly expresses gratitude for his life on the South Coast, his wife and two grown children. “My life is complete!” says George with a chuckle – but there was point in time when he wondered if he would someday feel this way.  

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Joe – Fall River, MA

What started as a normal day in September quickly took a turn for the worse when Joe Alves didn’t feel well after exercising.

He drove home and called his girlfriend, Gail, complaining of chest, neck, and jaw pain. Gail knew that Joe wasn’t one to complain, so she immediately called 911 and rushed to his home.

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Dan – Mattapoisett, MA

Dan Surprenant is a 50-year-old estate-planning attorney. Although he confesses he may be “somewhat out of shape,” he is regularly active and leads a bustling career as the Managing Partner of Surprenant & Beneski, P.C.

On a routine Sunday morning, he decided to play a game of Paddle Tennis, something he had been doing regularly in recent years. During the second set, he felt increasing tightness in his chest, enough to stop before the next game. He tried shaking off the pain and drove home. Shortly after arriving home, with symptoms worsening, Dan’s wife drove him to the hospital. Subsequently, Dan learned he suffered from a heart attack and now faced a quadruple bypass surgery. 

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