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Urgent Care

“I send quite a lot of skeptical patients to pelvic floor physical therapy. When they follow up with me they are so pleased and grateful for the referral. I hear all the time how comfortable they are made to feel once there. Patients are amazed by the results they see in regards to improving their pain and/or incontinence.”  – Dr. Michelle Pacheco

“The pelvic floor PT program is a valuable asset to my gynecological practice. Patients that I have referred to Janet Gillis have always been treated with the professionalism and respect that it takes to deal with difficult and sensitive issues. We are fortunate to have such a valuable service here in our community.” – Dr. Michelle Hughes

“Having joined Southcoast less than a year ago as a urologist with a specialty in incontinence and female pelvic medicine, I feel so fortunate to have incredibly capable and skilled pelvic physical therapy colleagues like Janet and Laura. Surgery is only a piece of the picture. Long-term rehabilitation is paramount for life-long pelvic health which affects bowel, bladder and sexual medicine. To say they have helped our patients is an understatement – they have given our patients with chronic debilitating pelvic dysfunction a new and improved quality of life. ” – Dr. Didi P. Theva