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Join Southcoast Health as we recognize Breast Cancer Awareness Month throughout the month of October. We will be sharing inspiring stories and important information about screenings, breast health education, resources, support and More. Click below to learn more about how we are painting the South Coast pink!

Breast Center News

Expanding our Breast Care Team

We are pleased to announce the additions of Caroline Plamondon, MD, and Monica DaSilva, MD, joining our Plastics and Reconstructive team.

New Podcast featuring Dr. Chung

The Importance of Early Detection

New Technology: InBody770

The InBody test is used to evaluate the risk of developing post-surgical Lymphedema.

Survivor Stories

Alexandra’s Story

“Even before finding the lump and being diagnosed, I had met Dr. Braithwaite. The moment I walked into her office, I felt a sense of relief and compassion from her that made me feel safe.”

Adrienne’s Story

“The doctors, technicians, nurse navigator, and, of course, my amazing breast surgeon, made me feel that I always had the support and was never alone.”

Brooke’s Story

Dr. Chung was amazing at giving me the information while also reminding me we didn’t have to worry about the next steps until we got there.”

Important Reminders

Cancer Screenings: Key to Early Detection – The earlier cancer is detected during a treatment, the easier it will be to treat.

5 Overlooked Symptoms of Breast Cancer – Early detection of breast cancer is vital to increasing your chances of a successful outcome.

Breast Health Assessment – This short assessment will help you learn if you have risk factors that may raise your breast cancer risk. It is not a complete review of all breast cancer risks. For a complete evaluation of your risks, see your healthcare provider.

Schedule Your Annual Mammogram – Early detection can be a key defense in the fight against cancer, allowing for earlier treatment and improved outcomes. Southcoast Health is here to help with convenient scheduling for these important screening tests.

Make a difference Today

Cancer treatment is hard enough without having to worry about the unanticipated financial hardships that accompany it – but often our patients and their families have to do just that. The Nicole Podkowa Patient and Caregiver Assistance Fund exists exclusively to ease that burden for patients in active treatment and those who have recently undergone cancer care. With these funds we are able to offset many of the patients’ growing financial concerns, whether they be utility bills, rent, mortgages, food or other needs a patient and their family might experience. As the fund has continued to grow, we have been able to reach more individuals as well as increase our support to some of the neediest patients and their families. Donate Today!