Dispelling Patient’s Fears of Contracting COVID-19 with Strict Safety Standards – Patient Story

Recently, Kayla Bettencourt, an Accounts Payable Specialist for a Skilled Nursing Facility and New Bedford resident, started experiencing extreme stomach pains. The pain was intense enough that she decided to seek medical attention.

On a typical day, “pre-COVID,” Kayla thought very little about visiting a hospital facility for medical treatment. But in the spring, she said, “one of my biggest fears going to the hospital was contracting COVID-19.”

Seeking medical treatment of any form has become a double-edged sword for many patients. The prospect of feeling better and avoiding serious medical consequences is met with concerns around contracting COVID-19. Despite Kayla’s anxieties, her visit to St. Luke’s Hospital left her feeling safe and well cared for – even during a pandemic, she said. 

The first thing Kayla noticed upon entering St. Luke’s was the precautions taken with visiting patients. “They took my temperature and asked COVID-19 screening questions immediately,” she said. “The cleanliness and sanitation in both general areas and my room were exceptional and made me feel safe.” Her confidence in the hospital’s strict adherence to safety guidelines and attention to detail was matched with a team of attentive staff and nurses. 

The friendliness of the staff and high-quality care – specifically from her nurse, Charlie McCarthy – stood out to Kayla.

“Charlie took his time, conversed with me, and made me feel comfortable.” she says. “He explained everything that was going on thoroughly, and didn’t treat me as a task he had to get done, but as a patient and a person.” 

During her conversations with Charlie, she continually overheard the Beatles song “Here Comes the Sun” and wondered why. Charlie informed her that the song is played every time a patient is discharged after recovering from COVID-19, adding that particular day was the most he had ever heard the song played.

“Hearing that invoked a sense of hope during these hard times and lifted my spirit,” Kayla said.

Kayla noticed that the exceptional care she received is extended to every patient visiting the hospital. She recalls overhearing a patient in a nearby room whose words carried confusion and worry. The nurses continually reassured the patient, comforting them, and being attentive to their needs – reminding Kayla why she chose Southcoast Health for her care. 

“I felt well cared for and confident St. Luke’s was doing all the right things to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and protect its patients and staff,” Kayla said upon leaving the hospital with a clean bill of health. “Throughout the years, I’ve trusted St. Luke’s medical treatment and staff – I left that day feeling impressed by their continuous care, even during a pandemic.” 

Southcoast Health is the safe and clean health system you know and trust with the same compassionate people and high-quality services and care you rely upon.

We have the highest levels of safety standards in place at our hospitals and patient care locations.

Our providers are highly trained in how to protect our patients, families and each other when caring for patients. You can continue to expect a clean, safe environment and an experienced team ready to care for you and your family. Learn more about our safety standards.