Embracing Change Brought Weight Loss Results

Melissa embraces change bringing weight loss results

Nearly half of all adults in America have attempted to lose weight at some point during their lives1. Many start their journey firing on all cylinders; they see weight loss results and feel great. But then, many individuals experience a decline when the pounds sneak back on despite best efforts. For Melissa (Fairhaven), this was all too familiar. 

“I struggled; I tried to lose weight for years,” said Melissa. “I wasn’t successful. I would lose some weight, then gain it back.” 

Melissa wanted a change. 

Ineligible for weight loss surgery due to a smoking habit, Melissa sought answers and assistance. In her search, she came across a research study, which involved a 12-week treatment program focused on how quitting smoking affects the weight of overweight or obese female smokers over the age of 40.

Melissa applied for the study/treatment program and successfully kicked her smoking habit but faced some side effects from overcoming her smoking addiction. Her weight continued to climb without nicotine, despite dedication to medical and non-surgical weight loss programs. 

Melissa needed a change. 

After successfully quitting smoking in May 2018, she revisited the idea of weight loss surgery. 

“When I officially quit smoking, my doctor suggested that I was now a candidate,” she said. “I also had a couple of friends who had weight loss surgery and experienced success.” 

Melissa enrolled in a weight loss seminar and was referred to Rachel Cimaomo, MD, Bariatric Surgeon. In December of 2019, she underwent the Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy procedure. 

“As of today, I’ve lost 115 pounds.” 

An accomplishment Melissa wears proudly while also crediting the comprehensive Weight Loss program at Southcoast Health. 

“I started my journey near the beginning of 2019. Southcoast Health provides you with direction and support the entire way through,” she said. “I attended nutrition classes, behavioral evaluations, and support groups. I met great people, and the entire Southcoast staff was fantastic!” 

Melissa embraced change. 

Although Melissa is among many successful graduates of the Southcoast Health Weight Loss program, she is also one of few who underwent her transformation during a global health crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic. 

As the world faced unprecedented challenges, she chose to remain optimistic. The world was changing, but Melissa embraced the slower pace, focusing on a new, healthier life ahead. 

“I spent the better half of the pandemic relearning how to eat and adopting healthier habits,” she said. “The social distancing worked in my favor. No one was getting together, and I had fewer temptations — I viewed it as a blessing in disguise.” 

Melissa celebrates her second anniversary this December, but she is not alone. She actively participates in the Southcoast Health Weight Loss Support Group, and shortly after her surgery, she also inspired some family to pursue weight loss surgery. 

Melissa’s life has changed. She’s healthier, more active, and can finally say she loves herself. 

“My whole life, people have loved me, accepted me, and told me I was beautiful, despite how I felt inside,” she said. “I didn’t love me, but now I do. That’s the best part.” 

Looking forward, Melissa continues to welcome change, being more active with her family, enrolling in school, and pursuing a career change. 

“It is possible to change, to succeed, and to love yourself. I feel really accomplished,” she said. “I wish to motivate others to go for it if weight loss is their goal.” 

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