Thanking the COVID-19 Testing Team

This week we recognize our COVID-19 Testing Team!

Since March 2020, the Southcoast COVID-19 Testing Team, which includes all of the many personnel in our labs, has been key to our fight against COVID-19. Their efforts to establish temporary COVID-19 testing locations in tents and trailers within stringent time limits were paramount to our successful testing operation. By obtaining and processing test results for many patients and staff during the past year, they have been and continue to be an integral part of the Southcoast team on the frontline of this pandemic.

Southcoast Health is grateful to all of our #SouthcoastFrontlines heroes and essential workers for remaining vigilant, prepared, and nimble while keeping our community safe amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Your commitment and courage, especially during times of crisis, define exceptional care from people who care. Thank you for modeling the way.

Reminder to remain safe

As a reminder: In honor of the many selfless contributions our frontline staff has made, we ask the community to remain safe and continue protecting yourself and others per state guidelines. To learn more, visit our COVID-19 vaccine information page.

Schedule a COVID-19 test through MyChart

To schedule, log in to MyChart. To sign-up for MyChart follow this link for activation of your account,

For more information, visit Southcoast’s Laboratory Services for information on our services, hours of operation, and our many locations and our COVID-19 Information Center for details on related services, including COVID-19 testing.