Stories of success: Non-surgical weight loss

Read these patient stories and learn about our non-surgical weight loss options.


Patrick, a Health Unit Coordinator (HUC) at St. Luke’s Hospital, spent years investigating different diets and ways to lose weight. In January 2020, he decided enough is enough and began seeking treatment from Southcoast Health’s Weight Loss Center to address his unhealthy eating habits and weight loss goals.

“I realized I needed help when I looked in the mirror and didn’t like what was looking back at me – it doesn’t matter how many people tell you they love you if you don’t love yourself,” Patrick says. “Once I started seeing results, I did not want to go back to the way things were.”

Patrick got started by working with Dr. Jessica Inwood, a Weight Loss Specialist with Southcoast Health’s Weight Loss Team. Dr. Inwood enrolled Patrick in a program focused on better eating and meal prepping. Additionally, Patrick worked with dieticians and behavioral specialists to better understand his relationship with food and the best ways to choose healthier options.

“During a support session, one of the behavioral specialists mentioned that ‘If you have a bad day and choose unhealthy foods, that’s part of the process. It’s not a failure, and you have the opportunity to start over the next day,’” Patrick says. “That stuck with me.”

Patrick has lost 101 pounds since starting the program in January. He has also been incorporating exercise into his routine. “Starting Krav Maga hasn’t been easy, but adding it into my new routine has helped keep my weight down,” he says. “If you stick with the Dr. Inwood’s program, put in the work, and make healthier choices, then it is an effective tool to lose weight.”


In the winter of 2019, Plymouth resident Doug C. had his aha moment. “I stepped on the scale and was appalled – totally disgusted, things needed to change,” he says.

Doug had tried every diet from Atkins to South Beach – he was beginning to feel desperate for a solution that stuck. He reached out to Southcoast Health’s Weight Loss Center, pursuing information on weight loss surgery. Upon his consultation, he met with Dr. Jessica Inwood, Weight Management Specialist. “After meeting with Dr. Inwood, she gave me a new direction, a personalized plan. Instead of pursuing surgery, I partook in the F.R.E.S.H. Start – Non-surgical Weight Loss Program combined with medication.”

The F.R.E.S.H. Start Program is a holistic, nutrition-based weight loss program that teaches better eating through whole food choices – available on any budget, at your local market. The program aims to educate participants on healthy food and recipe options, behavior change, and appetite awareness. Southcoast’s Stacy Medeiros, Registered Dietitian adds, “The program really focuses on a therapeutic carbohydrate reduction lifestyle. So, we’re focusing on whole foods, and decreasing a lot of the processed carbohydrates and sugar to help with metabolic health”. 

Doug’s personalized F.R.E.S.H. Start Program consisted of a Ketogenic meal plan, exercise, and supplemental medication. “This program is the one that stuck because it was created with me in mind — my monthly check-ins with Dr. Inwood held me accountable. She was always there to continue motivating and supporting me. Sometimes you fall off the wagon, but Dr. Inwood will encourage you to get back on,” he says.

Now Doug is down 75 pounds, with only 15 pounds until he reaches his goal weight. “My life has changed completely. I’m wearing clothes I haven’t worn in years, this summer I went sky-diving, and next summer, I plan on scuba diving. I would never have been able to do these kinds of things if I hadn’t lost the weight,” he shares.

Those who have struggled with their weight know that following a program and losing pounds is not necessarily the difficult part. The greatest challenge is keeping the weight off long term — Doug credits Dr. Inwood’s expertise, tools, and supportive advice.

“Dr. Inwood pointed me in the direction of useful tools, such as weight loss apps that you can download to your mobile device, allowing an easy and quick way to track your lifestyle habits such as calorie intake and exercise.”

Today, Doug reflects on his success.

“I couldn’t have done this without Dr. Inwood and her program. I had to make a lifestyle change, but the sacrifices I made are well worth the benefits of weight loss. If I can be successful in this program, anyone can.”

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“Our whole team is on board – we love what we do … everyone is invested in each patient who walks through the door and bares their soul. We all understand that this is not an easy road so we’re here to be the cheerleaders – we take into account what their preferences are and what they individually need to succeed” Dr. Jessica Inwood says.

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